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Is it my Good day?

That’s what Aadi asks us,every evening.I don’t know,why…she started asking this to us,a couple of months back.I think we noticed the consistency,after I came back from India.
When we come home,after a day outside,she asks me/DH,”Is it my good day?”we thought/think she wants to know if she has been good…
Then yesterday,after we came back from the park,she asked again,”Is it my good day?”We said,”yes” and she replied,”Oh but I don’t like night-y.It is not my good night-y”I think she doesnt like night,because it means she has to sleep.
But,we have come to realise that,the Good day,means a lot to her.So,the day she sleeps without kicking a fuss,we tell her in the morning,”Its your good day.. you slept early”..She wakes up fresh and feels happy.I can tell from the first cuddle,that it going to be a good day.
We are trying to follow a routine,working out timings and sticking to it,on most days.I know that to establish a routine,consistency and patience are required but,at the end of a long day,they are the last things on your mind.
Here’s what I am trying to follow-
9.00-9.30 am- wake her up and cuddle time.
9.30 am- brush her teeth,followed by milk.
11.00 am-breakfast
1.30- lunch
3.00- nap time or rest time.She has to stay in the talking,I let her look at her books..but I dont read to her that time.If she is tired,she dozes off.
4.30 – snack
after snack-we have a craft session or gardening or she plays outside in the backyard,all this while I finish cooking.
6.30- Park or walk,depending on how busy the park is.
7.30-8.00- bath,followed by dinner.
between 8.30 and 9.00-We start bed time.
Somedays,are good days and some days are bad days..On good days,she is fast asleep in less than an hour..on bad days, she doesn’t sleep for hours..But,she is beginning to understand the routine and asks in advance,if after the walk,she is going to do Nai-Nai..or if after nai-nai and dinner,can she not sleep?LOL!
The cutest is..when I serve her dinner,after her bath,she asks,”can I please watch TV for sometime..and then,I will sleep.”
And today,she actually,told me,”Look Mom,its night-y..the moon is here,he is saying goodnight na”.
So,far I am happy..I still get frustrated..but I know we’ll get there.We cut down on our weekend outings..we let her stay up longer on saturday night,but made sure,we followed the same routine on Sunday evening.Yesterday she was up till 12.00.She was in bed,but just kept fussing.Today,after the first 45 minute,I told her,I dont want to talk..she chooses to either sleep or stay in the dark room.She kept whining..I sat with her,she still kept asking for light.I turned on the closet light and told her the next time,she whines,i’ll have to send her outside.Then,both DH and I kissed her g’nite and we went to the living room.We told her,we’d check on her if she kept quite.DH checked first time,she was still awake..I checked again,after 10 minutes,she was facing the wall. 20 minutes later,she was fast asleep. I feel bad for being strict ..and rude,with her..she is but a little girl..but I know,in the long run,it will do her and all of us,good.
Oh God,give me strength to stay firm,in front of her tearful face.
Oh God,Please let her go to sleep,without fuss,each night.And please fill her dreams with happy things and the moon and the stars.

Oh and speaking of stars,we tried to reward her with stars..on the calendar-for each tear-free day and for each tantrum-filled day,we’d mark a cross.Now,the little missy,marks a cross for her father,when he scolds her..or a star for him,when he comes home and takes her to the park.
Me?I get a star when she likes what I cook for her..somehow,my scoldings dont fetch me crosses..may be they dont bother her as much as her dad’s.Oh well..its alright I guess..

I am still trying to post,each day,even if NaBloPoMo is over..lets long it lasts.


8 thoughts on “Is it my Good day?

  1. Wow, congrats on setting the routine and Aadi seems really supportive. the stars idea seems nice. i am using it for Momo if she does her susu in the bathroom n it works sometimes. πŸ™‚


  2. Oh thatz really nice of u to try to set a routine for her .. abs rt that it wil help her in the long run πŸ™‚ Sweet of her to be asking abt the good day bit πŸ™‚
    I like the stars n crosses thingy too πŸ™‚


    1. Err I am feeling guilty..I am doing it for her..but also more for me..hehhee
      And yes the star and cross thingy is nice..we tried the stars when first toilet training her..then she understands the negative too..Somewhat inspired from Aneela’s coin idea on another post.only DH isnt keen on giving her money.


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