Big Three-Oh is here..and I must say,upclose it doesn’t look any different from any other day.I don’t know what was I expecting..was I expecting to suddenly grow a pair of wings or wake up with 30 written in pink glitter on my forhead.??Why Pink glitter?I dunno..just feel it would have been pink glitter.Nope,I woke up..and everything was the same..I had to still sneak into the toilet quietly,so as to not wake Aadi up..and while I was in there,I had to still answer to her banging the door,telling her,I am in here..go back to sleep till I come and get you..:) Yes the world is still the same.
DH DID take the day off and it was nice to have him around.He told me to not enter the kitchen,he wanted to tidy it up..It was nice to just sit and be served tea.very nice 🙂
After tea and some munchies,we were off to Aadi’s school.The form has been submitted,fees paid..and she can start in April,after she turns three.Then,we went out for lunch..had a nice leisurely lunch..with nowhere to rush too..and since we hadn’t eaten out in a long time,it was a nice change..and definitely festive.
In the evening,Friend S came over with the most delicious mini cupcakes..very cute and delicious..
I spent a lovely day with the two people who matter the most to me..I am happy.Through out the day,my phone kept ringing..and every call,message,email left me feeling fuzzy inside.Thank you,everyone.
Almost everyone asked me how I felt,turning Thirty..I think,I feel just the same..I am excited and nervous of getting old and nooo..I am not scared of wrinkles,I am just scared of being not-so-cool 😛 In a way,I am glad to be out of the twenties..I was happy till I was about 25-26..but when I was 29,I didn’t feel like I belong..I was just waiting to cross over!:D
Looking back,I don’t think,I have any regrets for the last decade..I am happy where I am,what I am doing..I am happy.I did want to have 2 kids before I turned thirty..but hey..the thirties are here for the next ten years..and even longer..:P if I decide to freeze my age at 30,isn’t it?And I do want to get financially independent and I am working on it..
I was talking to the DH and realised that I have spent every end of the decade birthday in a different country..so 10th,20th and the 30th birthday,celebrated in three different countries and 2 different continents..Cool na?
I thought long and hard,about what to write today…my mind is still fuzzy with all the birthday wishes and so I decided to ramble on,like I always do.
And also because,when I tried talking to DH about all the things on my mind..he got into his preaching mode,and explained the ways of life to me..sidetracking whatever I was saying..LOL! And when I asked him,”can I talk now?” ,a little voice quipped from the back-seat..”No no,you wait..can I talk now?”..Sigh..See..they don’t let me talk,so I keep this blog..where I can ramble on and on,without waiting for my turn!
And I so wanted to have a breezer today..actually,I have been wanting to have one for the last 4 weeks,just never got around to it..And I know I’ve missed the deadline..but its my birthday..or was ..so..I can cut some slack,huh?
Edited to add- Oh there were some cards,flowers and Rochers waiting for me,at midnight..:D


12 thoughts on “Three-Oh

  1. Happy birthday.The older I get, I more I crave simpler birthdays(though I would deny anyone who wants to buy me diamonds).
    I hope the next decade would be just as fantastic


  2. Oh wow! Midnight surprise again 🙂 Awesome Trish 🙂
    Happy Bday again and this ws a cute post 🙂
    SigH! No one listens to me too and the blog is the best 😉


  3. Can so relate to “No one listens to me”. If I want to talk to hubby, she chirps in and say, “No one is listening to me”. I need to talk too!”

    So where all have you moved in the last few years? Am really interested to know…


  4. Ok…I know that I left a message here for ur b’day…can’t for the life of me, understand where it went. Anyways, happy birthday Trish. A very belated one that is 😦


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