Obligatory Gift Dilema

No No I am not talking about a gift that I received.I am talking about the gifts that we buy,for someone else.Every month we have 2-3 invites for DH’s Desi colleagues kids’ birthdays.More often than not,I don’t know these people and its like a first meeting of a kind.So,what do you buy for a kid you don’t know?sometimes,DH doesn’t even know the kid’s age or name..you know..if the invitation is extended in lunch hour..saying ki achcha come for my kid’s birthday tomorrow at so-and-so place. Or if you are invited to a colleagues home for an informal meetup with the team and spouses.
Now,I love giving gifts ..but I am at a loss,when buying gifts for such occassions.I don’t want to bring wine to a non-drinker’s home or fit for a 3 yo gift to a 7 yo.So,mostly I ask DH to atleast check the child’s age or try to understand the hosts personality,by asking questions about him.The age he can find out(mostly)..on other occasions,he finds it too awkward to ask the parent..how old his/her child is turning!WHY?? I dont know!As for the occasional dinner,I have resorted to taking flowers or boxed candy.
Now,as for the kids,I set a budget…say X amount for someone we barely know..to Y for someone DH/I like and know and may be Z (more than x+y) for a house warming or something. When,buying gifts for kids,I normally,stick to age appropriate gift.If I know the child personally then,depending on his or her likes or hobbies.Mostly its fine and sometimes,if I like a particular gift..I buy it,even if its a few dollars more than the budgetted X amount.
But,what do you do,when you find a gift that was originally priced X(your budget) but is on a special sale with nearly 80% off? Do you buy it and pat yourself for finding a bargain or do you buy that discounted gift and also buy something for your child,and still have money left and look at yourself and say,’How Cheap?’
This is the second time its happenned to me..and I don’t know what to do..The first time was way back in September.We got one of those kiddie birthday invitations and I went to buy a gift and found what I liked and at check-out,the price was in a single digit.And this month,for another last-minute invites,I went to buy a gift and it was originally priced at X amount..and because of some ongoing sale,I got it for more than 80% off!!
The first time,I was too shocked and added some candy to the gift..to make up for the remainder of the X amount.This time,I just bought something else for Aadi.And even then,the total was not X..After finding the said present,we walked around,looking for something else,equally nicer for X amount..but everything else was more expensive,than X. So,we just bought this..after thinking and re-considering our decision over and over.But,like I pointed out to DH,if we had bought it last week,then we would have paid,full price!
What would you have done,if you were in my place?


12 thoughts on “Obligatory Gift Dilema

  1. Dude, if its on a discount, then considered it your good luck and money save.
    So you know between 4 kids, we get alot of invitation from their friends/classmates. Do you know if I see a toy/book on clearance and its agea appropriate, I snap it up!
    And then I keep it hidden and bring it out when child gets invitation to party.

    For the girls, its pretty easy, I give them the totes bag from India or something Ashwina or I knitted.
    With the boys, its a bit more tough to find boy presents but we make do…

    So coming to your question, I would buy it on discount and walk away with it. Do you give a gift receipt with it? Is that why you feel the need to spend more?


    1. Ohhh Yeah absolutely,Good luck and money saved..No we don’t give gift receipts…but it was just that..I got it for very very cheap!!Thats what I do too..Buy gifts,and stash..when I get a good bargain.
      And you know what?When I wrote this post..I was hoping to catch u online..just so,i could discuss it with u..with the actuals!!LOL!


  2. it’s not the cost of the gift that matters, trish. it’s the thought – you bought it because you liked it, and not because it was cheap, that matters. you don’t need to feel guilty at all about it!

    i would – and always do – buy what i like. as long as it’s in my budget. but yeah, i’ve never bought something only bcoz it’s on sale. if i like something, and it’s on sale.. i feel really happy! 😀


    1. Yes true,Raysh..I liked it and so bought it..now its just my goodluc that I got/found it cheap!And I can’t even describe the thrill that ran through me,when I heard the total!!


  3. If I plan to buy something and get it on discount ..I just feel happy about my savings ..who is going to tell the reciept that I bought it on discount 😀


  4. The receiver will never know (unless they are the kind that checks the price later) the price tag, what does it matter if u bought it on sale or otherwise honey?? Just consider urself lucky..


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