Today,I was talking to my dad and he wished me…’Happy Birthday,Bablu’ ,teasing me that he was confused which day,my birthday was..Yeah right!

I love the easy relationship I have with dad..He is such a fun dad..Sure,he gets on my nerves sometimes..but he is quite chilled out most of times.When I went to India,everytime,I wanted to eat something Junky..he would say..Beta yeh sab mat khao.. boiled khana khao(Don’t eat junk,eat boiled food) I ‘d roll my eyes and dig in whatever it was that had warranted the lecture..And you know the funny thing?Dad would go and get it,from wherever…sometimes from the corner shop..or sometimes from the other end of the town!

Over the years,he has become more of a friend than dad to us..except when he is pestering my sis to get married and me to start saving.And over the years,we have become very protective of him.He is a simple man,who doesn’t believe in spending money on HIS clothes and he has come up the hard way,and doesn’t stop wearing a shirt till its starts falling apart at the seams.Sometimes,even darns it many times before giving up.And no he is not stingy..he just doesnt like spending on himself.We hassle him about his old clothes..but dare someone else say anything about him and we are on our haunches,baring our teeth,ready to defend him.

He is always on the go..starting his day with walking the dog,then making his tea,then rushing to make my sister’s lunch..even if the maid is there..he has to overlook..make sure everything is alright.Eating between all this..Other than his dinner,I dont think he has any single meal in one sitting..he has to get up to check something in the kitchen..or something..He is like the energiser bunny,who never stops.While I was there,one day,Aaji,my granny,said something to him..about eating as per his age..I don’t even remember what it was but both sis and I got worked up,and complained to my aunt about it.Aunt,then explained about the special bond that Aaji and dad share..How they have always been close,sharing confidences,much to the annoyance of my mom and aunt..And we all laughed over it and forgot it.Dad didnt seem the least bit affected.

Now I am very close to Aaji,closer than the rest of the g-children..but when its dad,its him first.You must be wondering why I am writing about the whole family saga here..I’ll tell you why..

Today,after I spoke to my dad,he put Aaji on,and we got talking..and she spoke about my dad..about how he never stops..that he should slow down,that he should have his meals peacefully and how she tries to do things for him,but he is always up and about..you know doing his energiser bunny act…(No she didn’t use the term energiser bunny) and I was listening to her,I realised how much she cares for him..how much she loves him,how she worries for him..It was just so sweet.And dad was there too..he was giving sheepish replies..I could just picture the whole scene.He is the one she goes to with her problems,she is the one,he shares his worries with.They get on each other’s nerves and they support each other,against the rest of us.
Even as I type this,I am grinning ear to ear..

Strange are the ways of life..and even stranger how relationships evolve…How two strangers become mother and son,even when they are as different as milk and honey,yet, blended into each others life so well..that anyone would have trouble believing that they are actually Mother-in-law and Son-in-law.

And this is officially the last day of the 20’s..30’s here I come!It was nice being a twenty-something,now bring on the thirties!!


13 thoughts on “Evolving

  1. Awww u did the rt thing by putting up the kala-tika 🙂
    Ur Dad sounds so much like mine Trish .. ppl tell me I hv got this running arnd from him 😛
    And I cud totally associate him being a cool friend and the saving bit 😛 and even the relation with the MIL … it ws soooo much similar @ home that ppl thought my Dad and grandma are bro n sis 😉

    God bless all of u Trish and advance wishes for the birthday 🙂


  2. Is it the 19th already??? Happy birthday! I will remember your b;day always, since you and the niece share the same date. Happy birthday again! Will mail you about this post soon…when I can sit for a bit and organize my thots!


  3. Happy B’day Trish..and welcome to the dark side.. 😀 ..30’s are as much fun if not more than the 20’s so don’t worry about it..

    And thank you for the post..this is such a great read..Relationships and how they evolve always leaves me shaking my head and with a smile on my face.. 🙂


  4. Aww, this is such a sweet touching post. I love it. 😀 And she is his mother-in-law really? WOW! touch wood, and touch wood again. Its amazing that such a relationship exists in a world like today’s.


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