Three decades,three continents…

…and five countries.
Sonia commented on my Three-Oh Post,and wanted to know,where all I have stayed recently..Instead of answering her,I decided to turn it into a post..:D
So,I was born in India..spent the first 9 years there
Edited to add- Lakheri(Rajasthan),when I was 6 months old.Stayed there till I was 9 years and a few months old.May ’89- 7 months in Devlali..
1990- just before my 10th birthday,my parents moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.So,I brought in my 10th birthday in a small town called Yanbu,in KSA.It was on the shore of the Red Sea.When we first moved there,and my parents told us,that it was the Red Sea,we were a little disappointed to see the normal clear water.We spent the next 2 and half years there and then,we moved back to India,as I was entering 8th grade and my parents were concerned about the education system in KSA.Since Yanbu was a small industrial town,there was no english medium school and the closest Indian Embassy school was a good 4 hours drive away.So,we were in Open School system.
Anyway,the next few years,we were in India..7 years 3 different cities-Nasik,B’lore & Mumbai.The 20th birthday was brought in at Mumbai..with friends and family and there was no BF on the scene.
I met DH a week before my 21st and we were married 2 months before my 24th.Then,we became wanderers..
We left Mumbai in April’04 to move to Hyderabad.
3 months later- August ’04- Hyderabad to Delaware,USA
It was a short trip,just a pit-stop for 3 months,before,we moved on to our final destination,Toronto.
Exactly one year later,just 2 days before our 1 year lease agreement ended,we moved on..And relocated to Delaware.
6 months later,April’06- Delaware to Chicago.A lovely 2-day road trip..So much fun.
September ’06- Chicago to Phoenix..Another road trip..this time a 3-day road trip..And I was 6 weeks pregnant,then.
July ’07- Phoenix to Dallas..And yet another Road trip!(Yes we are road-crazy!) This time with a 3 month old.
So far,our longest stay has been in Dallas…we were there for nearly 14 months.
End of Sept ’08-we left from Dallas to spend a week in sunny Ca..
1st Oct’08- Flew to Australia…And hopefully,we’ll stay put..[Anti-jinx] Brought in the 30th here,as you know.
We just renewed our lease and I can’t tell you how excited that made me..This is the first time,since we got married that,we actually renewed our lease and even after safely crossing the one year mark,aren’t talking about packing or living in suitcases.
Enough about me..you tell me how many times have you moved?So far..I know only one other person who’s moved so much!
Oh and are you going to vote on my bedtime poll?


28 thoughts on “Three decades,three continents…

  1. OMG! Really? I am J of u girl πŸ˜‰ Road trips r so much fun no πŸ™‚

    I hv moved only once … born, brought up, got married all in Blr πŸ™‚ Just moved to Hyd 2 yrs bk .. as much as I love to travel, I am sure if we move bk again on work, its gng to be only Blr πŸ˜›


  2. Whoa! Reading abt your move got my head spinning! πŸ™‚ How did you guys do it every 3 mths??? Insane!

    Hmm, I have not moved as often as you have; born and brough up in Singapore, moved to Seattle in 2003 (moved twice in Seattle, does that count too?), then to Pune in 2008 and now back to Seattle in 2010. That’s about it..its looks like Chickpeas as compared to your moves! lol


    1. Hehehe..yes it was insane..moving every 3 months/6 months..that’s why DH took this job..:D
      And ofcourse moving twice counts when we count the houses you have lived in .and on that count..I would have moved one more time!!LOL!!


  3. hey, interesting post. quite a traveller u r. I’ve been in mainly Mumbai(2 yrs), Nagpur(6yrs), Solapur(3yrs), Pune(3yrs),Nagpur (4yrs) Mumbai(3yrs), Pune(2yrs), Chennai(1 yr), Mumbai(3yrs), Chennai(1.5 yrs), Mumbai(almost 3 yrsnow) in that order. the moves were all thanks to my dad’s bank job.


      1. hey, yes my dad was with SBI incidentally. and yes i have moved multiple houses in Pune, Chennai and Mumbai too if you can count that. waiting for an overseas move if ever get a chance. that should be a whole new ball game. πŸ™‚


      2. Woww thats soo cool! I just had a hunch..I dunno why?Just thought SBI!Incidentally,my aunt is in SBI too-just posted to Mumbai!
        Fingers crossed for your overseas move.


  4. WOW. my first time on your blog..and i’m glad i visited. I always thought I’ve moved a lot…and I hate moving so much 😦 it always always makes e depressed..like I am right now 😦
    I moved to canada when I was 12 (’03)and it was so difficult for me to adjust..i changed schools every year we lived there..and my parents decided to move back to my homecountry when I was 14..after packing everything and all we ended up staying here.. lol.. then when i was 16..we moved to my homecountry. lived there for two years..(spent one year at a house and the other in a hotel..) and now we’re back here in canada.. after two years. and its driving me crazy cause i never ever go out 😦 what makes it worse for me is i am so overly emotional i get attached to things very easily and then its hard for me to leave them. anyways.

    your moving however sounds interesting..SO many countries! how did it make you feel?


    1. Heyy Candy,
      First off,welcome to my blog..and Big hugs.I know,how lonely it gets.The first few months,in any place are terrible..I go through severe depression.I hate everything and everyone!LOL!
      Then,it gets better..New country is always a challenge..Thank God for English..but,still I feel like a new girl in school..all the time.
      And its hard leaving behind stuff -I get attached very easily too.
      But writing down this post,made me think..WOW!!I have really travelled!!:D
      Keep visiting.:) and if u feel like writing..please do:)I will reply promptly.
      BTW,blogging helps too..atleast I know..no matter were I move..this friend circle,will still be there!


  5. GOD..so its you who is making S and aadya wander along …you were ofcourse a wanderer from birth πŸ˜€

    But seriously yaar , thats too much ..i wonder how you all manage.


  6. Here’s my list madam..
    Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai (2 moves), chandigarh, UK ( 3 houses), chennai (2 moves)….

    Its a surprise for me that i am in the same house since almost 3 yrs…dont know what is in store for me next..


  7. wow.. as Swaram said, I am also feeling J about you :).. I have just changed two cities, Til my marriage, I was ther in Bangalore and after marriage, I am in Mumbai. I think we are going to settle here itself. Sometimes, i feel change is good for life..


  8. Bombay-USA (4 local moves in USA in 3 years) – London (3 local moves in 5 years) – Canada (4 local moves in less than a year!)

    Someday, we’ll find home.


    1. Wowww… we can start our own cult!!huh?Where all were u in USA? I spent my newlywed year in TO..and so its still very special to me..We still rue the fact that we didn’t settle down there.


  9. We need somebody to make a nice badge for us, something like the ‘Wandering Nomads Club’ or something like that…..I wanted to see how many times I have moved (‘cos I’d lost count) so I did a little post tonight which isn’t very interesting as I’ve left out most of the names of the cities and towns…but it was interesting to find out that I’m at house no. 21 and still counting – since I don’t plan to stay here permanently I know that there is at least one more move – if not more – in store for me in this life…..


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