Sundress on a sunny day

Last time I tried to sew the gift bags for Sew-it on SCU,I faced a road block.The stitching was uneven and the backside had lots of knots,thread was skipping.I looked online,asked sweet Nima and she asked me to check the various steps of threading and tension etc.I did..but didn’t know where to adjust the tension.I tried again..and gave up.
This morning,after breakfast,I brought the sewing machine out,dusted her off and started reading the manual,carefully threaded her and then tried on a scrap …still the knots were there.Readjusted the tension dial and bingo!!neatly arranged stitches.That got me excited.I pulled out the unfinished sundress from this Sew-it I started it..but got my India ticket and was tooo excited to finish it.
It took me less than half an hour to finish it.It was already half done.I tried it on Aadi..and she refuses to take it off.

I still need to finish the hemming and may be next time,I’ll make longer ties.The bottom edge is the original material’s bottom edge,so there are no loose threads there.
P.S.- I have had this fabric since Aadi turned 8 months old..I bought it to make a night dress for my cuddlebun then..may be this sundress will be her night gown..She is dozing off wearing it now.
Mayya,thanks for sharing the tutorial on SewChicAndUnique.


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