Wednesday is the name of today..

and its weigh-in time.This week,I lost half kg. Not a lot,but,NSV are considerable.Knocked off 3 quarters of an inch from the waist and another inch from the bust.Everyone keeps telling me,that initial weight loss is only water loss..But I like the shrinkage! πŸ˜€
And I stayed on the diet for 3 whole weeks!I was PMSing badly last week and end of the week before,so did go off on certain days,but I made sure I compensated with other things..like a long walk followed by lighter dinner.
Then,Aunt Flo was here..and so yoga was out.But in my state,arrival of aunt Flo without meds is a big achievement.I am so excited to start the yoga again.I didn’t excercise much.But,I was very active.I surprised myself,so many times,in the last week.Previously,arrival of aunt flo meant,unrestricted guilt-free pigging and sleeping..I am in too much discomfort to think or do anything else. But this time,I went out every day.Either in the park,or garden or mall..every day.The dropped pounds,make me feel more energised.
Though,very few people commented on it yet,I can feel it and see it.Everytime I look into the mirror,I see the differences.My clothes fit differently..I can look at my face and not see only puffiness.The Acne/break-out is less..all the painful pimples are gone.I am happy.
Ohh and yesterday,I made this for Aadya..check out her excitement..

Here she is making the birdie fly.

BTW,she’s named the birdie,Chup-Chup..and birdie hasn’t left her side,since she came into existence..Details here.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday is the name of today..

  1. Hmm…my reader hasn’t been updating posts on your blog :S I just discovered that, was wondering why you weren’t writing.

    The birdie is such a cute toy, Lucky Aadya!

    And congrats on the success towards fitness!


    1. Thanks Swaram πŸ™‚ The birdie is so quick..instant gratification project! And the name-she named it..its cute,the way she says it..Mamma,I dont want to share Chup-chup with Papa..Mamma Chup-chup is hungry!!LOL!


  2. Yay! Proud of you girl, keep it going, weight or size, whatever goes down, its an achievement. And trust me you can see n feel it better than anyone else, so rock it.
    I want one bird too, its so so pretty. How long did it take you?


    1. Thanks Sweetie..First I thought,i was imagining it..but now I have the figures-pun intended!
      The Birdie was really quick..took less than 2 hours,with all the pauses!!And you shall have one..I already thought of it..but I thought of making one for BB!;)


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