Midnight surprise..

I tried to think of many clever titles for this..but,I couldn’t come up with anything,so I stuck to the simple and sweet..Sweet like the surprise ,I got at Midnight.
We had a long funfilled day..DH was away..yes cricket..but Friend S came over to spend the day with us..and Goofy Mamma and family came over for dinner. Dinner was so much fun..they are as laid back as us..and so a great time was had by all.We took the kids to the park,where BB and Aadi screamed the place down…actually no..squeal,is the right word.The squealing and the naughties,continued at home as well,while we chatted up a storm..and no there was no alcohol.
Goodbyes are always tearful,in Aadyaland.And there I should have got my first clue..but I didnt.Today DH suggested we go for a drive..(normally I suggest and he vetoes)..Anything to avoid the tantrums..we played along..told Aadi,we were going to follow BB’s car…MY FRIEND BB,she calls him.DH took a long time to come out-that should have been my second hint..I missed it again.We went for a drive..and she kept asking if I can see her friend BB’s car,till she fell asleep.
I wanted to come home too and blog.He just kept driving,missing one U-turn after another..saying he forgot..or some crap.3rd hint..missed it again!He was actually buying time,till midnight..Finally,we entered home at 12.15am..and this is what I saw..

Just when I was beginning to give up,the man manages to surprise me..how sweet is that.I think I am falling in love with him,all over again.
Happy Valentine’s Day,Sweetheart and Happy Valentine’s Day,everyone!


10 thoughts on “Midnight surprise..

  1. wow,wow,wow. Thats just so so sweet of him. I am so excited just seeing this.
    And we had a lovely lovely time at your place. It was too too fun.
    PS ā€“ Saw you guys missing all the U-Turns and thought you guys wanted to go for a drive.


  2. Oh wow Trish! Thatz ws an awesome day for u! Nice time with friends and then followed by this beyoootifulll surprise šŸ™‚
    God bless u all šŸ™‚
    Aadi is a darling .. a wonderful friend šŸ™‚


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