Of resolutions and crafting.

One of my resolutions this year is to craft more.I have promised myself a couple hours each week for my crafting..be it knitting,painting embroidery..whatever..
So far I am on target..we are in the 6th week of the year and I have quite a few things to show for.
First we did the hand/thumb painting for thiscontest.Then,the canvas painting for Aadi’s room and then,there are place mats that I painted-fabric painting.But,they are incomplete as I couldn’t decide how to finish them-as in should I just hem the edges or use lace or bias.For now,I am only hemming the edges and can I tell you how much I hate hemming!
I want to finish a dress I started knitting for Aadi last May.I want to finish it before May 2010! Its so hot here,I don’t feel like knitting or crochetting..or even looking at yarn.Painting seems like just the thing for summer.
And the gardening.I have been tending to my little kitchen garden.I had planted a tomato sapling,before going to India..everything else died..the husband forgot to water..but it survived and it has 2 tomatoes growing on it!Inspired by this,I got some more plants-another tomato plant,a strawberry plant,gerberas and some others that I dont know names of..but they look and smell nice.
And today,I painted Aadya..as in the wooden Alphabets that spell her name-They go on her room door! Painted them a shocking fuchsia..pics of the completed project to follow soon.
I am trying to do a post a day..hope I can!


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