Hello from NanuGhar

I know this is long overdue..but when there is a wedding in the family,nothing is overdue.We arrived on 23rd,stayed 2 days at the ILs and then headed off to Nasik for the wedding.The next few days were spent in whirlwind shopping trips and attending wedding festivities.Actually it was more of shopping.I arrived 5 days before the wedding..with almost no finery to deck up in.So,my sister took me shopping one day,off to the tailor the other day..and finally in the end..I had to make do with an extra loose kurta,extra loose blouse(which was held in place by a thousand pins!) anyway..I was actually reduced to the status of nanny..The wedding was nice…just lasted all night long.When the guests were meeting the bride(my cousin) and groom,little Aadya danced around on the stage,charming,the new couple,guests,photographers all alike.On the reception day,my always friendly child,was suddenly shy,cranky&clingy…refusing to even let my dad/sis/bro/aunt hold her.Even if I coughed,her hold around my neck tightened!I think she was overwhelmed with the crowd.She did alright during the functions at home.But I guess so many people and the combined tiredness of so many days,all came out on the same day.I spent most of the reception evening,carrying her -alternating from shoulder to hip,watching from the sidelines as everyone danced.The only time,I didn’t miss dancing was when they played the mushy numbers-I missed DH too much then.
Now we are recuperating-Aadi is doing ok..just bored by the sudden slag in activities..me?I have lost my voice..called up Dipali and Kiran and two old friends and croaked into the phone to let them know that I am here!!
Hopefully,I will be able to have a proper conversation with them soon.Tomorrow,shall croak into the phone few more times.
Otherwise,I am just sleeping in most of the time,much to my dad’s chargarin..His idea of a vacation is to wake up at 6.00 and go for a walk..mine is to sleep till I cannot anymore..ohh well..lets see how long my vacation lasts..he has started waking me up,like good old days..standing by the door and calling out my name over and over again..I wake up on the 100th call..ONLY because,I dont want the commotion to wake up Aadi.I miss DH so much then..atleast he lets me sleep in peace!
More news from Nanughar later..
hope you all are doing well..I havent had time to catch up on all my fav blogs..will do that in good time:)
until later..


8 thoughts on “Hello from NanuGhar

  1. Hello there.. I was wondering if you had arrived. Welcome home, always feels good to be home. And tell your Dad to let you sleep in, its the only time u can sleep in!! 🙂


  2. Sounds like being in Dad’s house….ha ha ha. Yeah that’s how it should be right???? I am glad you are taking it easy and having some good times. Have fun and bring back lots of pics hon.


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