The vacation so far..

Firstly,I am sorry for not replying to your comments.I have just been lazy..but as I tell my dad and everyone else who bothers to disturb me..”I havent had a break since I got pregnant with Aadya..I deserve all the rest!”
We spent sometime at the ILs,some time travelling and more time at dad’s.Touchwood,Aadi is quiet non-fussy(big Kaala tika) and mixes easily with everyone.She is a little shy at first,but soon starts to warm up to new faces.She remembers almost everyone with their names,which is pretty remarkable,given the fact that she’s meeting most people for the first time.
She is absolutely in love with my cousin..and with my sister and both her grandfathers.I am getting all the rest,getting pampered,getting facials and pedicures and head massages.These are the positives of the holiday.
But,my little baby is missing her dadda.She makes sure,she brings up his name in almost every thing…When we are going for a drive,she tells,her nanu to not drive,because,Baba drives well.She wants to go and sit in her car-seat,she wants Baba to drive..she wants to play with her Dadda and she wants to sleep in her bed…with her dadda on one side and Mamma on the other.She saw him on the webcam and she freaked out.She danced for him,she sang for him..she told him (I don’t know how many times) that I want to come back..Then,we will stay ‘gether..we’ll do tub nai-nai together..we’ll eat ‘gether…everything ‘gether.It broke my heart and it broke his heart..I just want to pack my bags and go back.. But,I know,I wont get this break again.
But,Aadi has been crying a lot lately..she is not very happy..if this continues,I just might prepone my tickets and go back sooner.Sigh…
Haven’t read many blogs lately…hope you all are doing well..
Congrats Mona on Baby H’s arrival.
Congrats Parul on expecting your second bundle of joy.
and Sunita on getting your new domain.


4 thoughts on “The vacation so far..

  1. Dont worry about it…she will be ok. As you said, you won’t get such a break again for a long time. So be selfish and take it..I guess it is normal for her to miss her Dad, so just keep calling and web caming with Dad lots and let her also soak in all that love and attention.


  2. Wow! Ur break sounds so much fun for sure 🙂
    Oh Aadi is missing her Papa so much .. all that she does is so touching! Hope she feels better and get to enjoy the rest of ur vacation 🙂


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