The Sunshines Again..

It was a nice and warm day. Just right for being outdoors.And I think,all that being outdoors,robbed Aadya of her sleep.Or may be it didn’t.The child fights sleeps like no one’s business.Today she whiled away time for nearly 2 hours..I wanted her to sleep,she just kept talking,remembering things that happenned months ago!By the end of it,I was so tired.
Then,my friend S came over and when she was leaving,Aadi asked me very sweetly,if she can go to S maushi’s ghar..S maushi was thrilled and so was Aadya.She quickly kissed me,got in the car,clapped her hands,happily,”I am so excited”.She then,looked at S’s husband and said,”Hi K uncle,I am Aadya,I am happy to see you”.K and S,refused to give our daughter back!
I was coming back home and ran into our neighbours mom.The neighbour just had a baby,a month back and the mom is here to help.I saw the baby awake today,for the first time.My God!She is adorable..she has such alert eyes,already holding her head up..I was holding her,and she was watching my face with really bright eyes..Made me want to have another baby..I so want another baby.I had completely forgotten,how tiny they really are.I so want a little one here..my little girl is all grown up.
She goes over to other peoples houses,stays there happily,while,two adults,sit here,watching a movie that she loves.She happily gobbles up an omlette at her S maushi’s place,while we struggle to down our dinner.And when we go to pick her up,she tells us to go home,she wants to sleep with S maushi& K uncle!And while the father looks on awestruck,the mom,tries the last resort -I will not take you to India..when that didn’t work,I will get another baby.That worked-especially when she realised that the baby will get her things.And being the mean mother I am,I felt happy to see her pout,secure in my knowledge,that only a hug from me,would turn the pout into a smile.But I realise,she is growing up.Life outside is more fun.Seriously,what did we do before she came into our lives?
When I came back to the empty house,after Aadi left with S,I suddenly realised the quiet.The chatter that so fills our house,was missed instantly.You’d think we’d “enjoy” this time alone,what with the India trip coming up and all..And all we wanted to do was finish dinner and bring our baby home.Funny na?
Anyway,in other news,we signed up for Milkman and this morning recieved milk at our doorstep-Milk and freshly baked bread.The bread was amazing,haven’t tasted the milk yet.
I finally managed to fill one suitcase with things that I need.We will be attending a wedding in the family in the first week that we get there,so the first things to go in were wedding finery.I mean which tailor would oblige with a saree blouse,at that short notice.Oh well..may be when my sister gets married,I will have enough time to get the bride’s sister finery ready.
And I think I should press publish now..if I want this post to make it.I am glad,I started DaBloPoMo..So,far,I haven’t slacked…but that will change when I am travelling..lets see.
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One thought on “The Sunshines Again..

  1. She is growing up. wow! I really don’t want Naren to do that, in all fairness to me 🙂 I can’t imagine how much you miss when she is not around. Ironic isn’t it? We yearn for someone to give us a break and when they do, we totally spend all that time, thinking and worrying about them? I tell you, this whole motherhood thing is a twisted joke man.


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