Heart Vs Mind

How many times have made a decision and then watched your heart and mind,fight?
I am so excited to meet my family..I haven’t seen my dad in nearly 2 years..but my heart is heavy..I am sad for leaving DH behind.Mind tells me that he is a grown up,well capable of taking care of himself.I have organised for someone to come and cook for him,once a week and he is going to be working most of the time.But,my heart worries,and tells me that he will be alone here for two months.I know I will talk to him,everyday,sometimes,many times,everyday.I know that we will talk more when I am away..but still,it won’t be easy,saying goodbye to him,at the airport.
This time,its harder for me to leave him for two reasons,one of them being,the Star of the blog and our lives.Aadya is very attached to her father.Everyone,feels that she needs me the most,which is true to a great extent..afterall she spends her entire day with me..She has spent very little time away from me,from birth..but he is her comfort person.She looks up to him,when she falls.She looks up to him,when she is hurt.She tells me,when she is sleepy..but she falls asleep when he is on her other side.He is Good Guy of her life-the one who gives her candy at the hint of an oncoming meltdown,unlike the bad momma..He is the one,who listens to her stories,over and over again..ooh-aahing in amazement(In my defence,I hear them all day long)This will be the first time,they are away from each other for such an extended period of time.He is worried that she will forget him(as if!)..but what if,she does?
The second reason is his Diabetes.It worries me…what else can i say..it does.My heart just swings from happy and light to heavy and foreboding..Kya Karu ?:(
Heart said,”Don’t blog tonite”..but mind said,”write what you are thinking..” I did ..:)


6 thoughts on “Heart Vs Mind

  1. Awww. Its so hard. Let your DH know that Aadi will definately not forget him. In fact she’s going to cling to him once she is back. Cling as in CLING. That happens everytime my DH travels on work. He better be prepared for that. And you have fun! For once there’ll be other people doing all the chores πŸ™‚


  2. This must be very tough for you! But it is true that he is a grown up man he will manage fine. And you will be in touch all the time…Aadya will miss him, and she will NOT forget him. That’s one worry that you need not have πŸ™‚ It’s good to blog and share… Enjoy your trip, without guilt and worries.


  3. Can she really forget him? No way! Let her talk to him everyday and don’t worry too much. It just takes the fun away from life and the trip to India. It will be lonely, again as you said, he will be working and he will be occupied.


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