The girl in blue

I had a doctor’s appointment tonight..and DH dropped me off,while he went to drop off a friend who had stopped by for a visit.She lives in the same neighbourhood,but not at walking distance.Anyway,as I walked in the waiting area,I caught the reflection of a girl walking in wearing the same combination that I was wearing..Navy Blue with faded denim.Naturally,I was curious and looked ..and then,the smile didn’t leave my face for the rest of the evening!
BECAUSE…The girl who I thought was smartly dressed,was ME!!! I can’t believe how much of a difference a pair of low heels make …I was wearing a regular full sleeves top with Jeans,with my low heels.Forgot to use accesories as well..Later I asked DH,how I looked and he said,very nice..especially nice tonight.And then,I gave him a big lecture on how he should have said it without me having to ask..
I have so many issues about my body right now.(that took a lot of me,to say it aloud)But,tonite,after catching my reflection in a full length mirror,I am happy..Really,not having a full length mirror,makes it hard to deal with body-image issues.Even if your clothes fit better,still seeing it ,makes it more real!
Oh and when DH dropped my friend,S, off,Aadi decided to pay them a visit and stayed at their place.I was shocked to see DH walk into the walking area alone..so many thoughts came to my mind..all except the obvious,that Aadi is at S’s place.
So,my little girl,played happily with S and her husband,while,we got an interrupted appointment with the doctor.I got pricked again..yet another blood draw.Its been a year since I got detected with hypothyroidism and we are still experimenting with the dosage..But,I know something is off.. I am losing so much hair.I asked the doctor today and he said,its the combination of hypothyroidism and PCOS.And that is also the biggest hindrance in weightloss!That made me a little sad..
But,on my way out,I purposely walked from the side,where the mirror was-that did cheer me up a little,but not too much.
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali !


4 thoughts on “The girl in blue

  1. I know darling. I have the same issues as you…and I know what a difficult thing it is to lose that weight. Have u talked to your doc about starting Metformin for the PCOS?? IT does help in maintaing the weight at where it is…it wont’ go up or down. Where are u dose wise? It is tough to keep up the right dose. Check every 3months and alter your dose.

    Tell yourself..I look awesome! A 1000 times over.


    1. Thanxx Sho 🙂
      I am on metformin..but I just forget to take it.I am going to start it again,regularly.
      As for thyroxine..I am 75 microgms.
      The blood work came back alright and will continue on 75!


  2. I was one of the slimmest girls in college and now, don’t even ask me to look in the mirror. My weight issues have been underming my confidence for last three years. Just the anxiety is adding more to my weight. Take it easy, i know it sounds easy to say but I know how difficult and painful it can be for a person’s confidence.

    I wish you a very happy Diwali and hope you really looked beautifully dressed up to celebrate.


  3. Hey Swapna,
    Thanks for stopping by..weighty weighty issues,,sostressful.but,WE shall ovrcome!:)
    no didnt doll up for diwali this year…but will have plenty ofchances during the India trip.


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