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Wow and not so wow!

I wonder what is it,that made so many of you stop here,yesterday..WP Stats,show me that yesterday was the busiest day here,with a visitor count of 244..Me likes:)
Yesterday,I wrote about babies..and today, a blog buddy delivered a precious little girl.And another friend,who was due today,was told that she would have to wait 10 more days..When I spoke to her,her voice was so low,I could barely hear her.:(

Speaking of what I wrote yesterday,Aneela your comment really cracked me up!LOL! but it was a typo..what I wanted to say was-I HAVENT done much of my list.Here’s how my list is going-

Here’s my to-do list-

  •  Declutter one room a day. – Done!Finally today!
  • Change all the fused lite bulbs. –1 down,2 to go.
  •  Bring out the christmas lights. – may be will do it tomorrow.
  • Look for low-sugar/fat-free diwali recipes. –Needs to be discussed elaborately
  • Help Aadya make Diwali cards,for family and close friends. –Ummm may be we should start working on New Year cards instead.
  • Organise/alter clothes for Lakshmi Puja.I will add more,as I go. – Done I think..though,I have to choose 1 between the two I picked..and Aadi will ch0ange more than 4 times-she loves changing clothes,before finally putting on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts..My mom’s curses are finally coming true..the girl I wanted so badly,all my life,is living in shorts,the way I did,in my teens.DH will wear,whichever ironed Kurta I give him,provided he can wear his jeans with it.

Now the Diwali treats-I decided to start,with something easy-some thing tried and tested.Besan Laddu..screamed a voice in my mind..And immdiately an image popped up,in my minds eye..a plate full of ochre colored,raisin studded,smooth,round,sinfully deliciousbesan laddus,made by Aaji,my maternal grandmother.Though,I make laddus only once a year,I know this one like the back of my hand.I still reconfirmed the proportions of all ingredients and set about making the laddus.The Besan(chick pea flour ) was roasted and cooled..I added the raisins and added a tad too much sugar.had to roast so more besan,which didn’t get roasted enough..:( The laddus are now rock hard…In my quest for fat-free recipe,I didn’t add enough ghee :((
Next I decided to make Karanji and I remembered to bring poppy seeds this time.I love the crunchy texture,it adds to the filling.Again,I was dooling at the mental image of Aaji’s Karanjis..I filled and fried a couple Karanjis and then realised..that I had forgotten to add SUGAR to the filling!!!! I was so upset,I wanted to cry!!Anyway,I will finish it tomorrow.
Tomorrow,I attempt to make something savoury..

And before I go,here’s a conversation from Aadyaland-

Me-“Aadya,pick up your toys right now.”Aadya-*walks around,not paying attention*
“I said,Pick UP YOUR TOYS..”
“Mamma,I said,No Shouting KAr-rahe!”

“Bring me the phone,I am going to call up Baba and tell you dont listen to me,you are being a bad girl..blah blah.”I dial the number,actually to ask him something else.after I have spoken for two minutes,she comes running..asks for the phone.”Baba,I tantrumthrowing kar-rahe..Aadya not listening to Mamma..Mamma throwing my toys in trash..Becoz,I am a bad girl..(no,no you are good girl) No Baba,Aadya bad girl hai..bcoz Mamma ne bola.Baba you finish working and come home fast,because I getting scared…blah blah…”

What do  say then?


4 thoughts on “Wow and not so wow!

  1. Good job hon! I am impressed, that you made a list and stuck to it. Don’t worry about the diwali snacks not turning up like you wanted it to. U can always make something else, nah??? Whats with these kids and acting like they are scared of us? The other day, Naren was talking to his paternal grandmom, and complained that I am scolding him all the time …WTH? But they do make our days, don’ they?


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