Going Nanu Ghar!

Yayyyyyyyyyyy..we are going Nanu ghar!!That’s the thing that I was waiting to share!!Finally..I have the tickets in my inbox!Mamma and Aadi are off to Nanu Ghar!
We are leaving next week..its a very last minute thing..and I am so grateful,that we got the tickets.All’s well..My cousin’s getting married..and hopefully,I will be able to find a guy to get my sister hitched to !
I just got the tickets today morning..and so many plans are forming in my mind-food to be eaten,shopping to be done,pampering myself,places to be..blogger friends to meet..and ofcourse,packing the suitcases.
This will be the first time,I travel with Aadi alone,since she has become so independent,I am little nervous about that.This time,she travels in her own SEAT,ON her own ticket!I hope we reach safely with all our belongings in one piece!
all ye veteran traveller moms of toddlers,tell me,should I take the stroller or leave it here?
I have a 2 hour halt but will arrive and depart from the same terminal.
Do write back,with tips to help me get through this calmly πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Going Nanu Ghar!

  1. well you need the stroller for after a while you get tired holding the baby…but then if you are travelling on your own its a bit tricky pushing the bags and the bub at the same time…i had arhaan in the sling most of the time. major catch 22 situation. damned if you do and damned if you dont. best of luck with the trip and send me dates et al


  2. I do not think you will need a stroller.
    Since you do not have to walk a lot and also
    since she pretty much understands things, I guess
    she is not going to bother you asking to lift or try to drift somewhere in the crowd.

    You will really have your hands-free.


  3. Leave the stroller. With just a 2 hr halt its not required. Get Aadi her own carry bag (those tiny bagpacks meant for kids) and keep her food items and napkins in there. She’ll feel like an adult and behave more responsibly πŸ˜‰


  4. Ditch that stroller. too much baggage and hassle. As it is u may have 3-4 boxes to push and pull. Let Adi carry a small back pack with a few things. Thats that. Make sure, you kind of time her napping inflight so she can walk with you so u dont’ end up juggling. and such a short layover too….u probable have enough time to walk from one to another flight.


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