What’s on my mind?

So many things…First and foremost,Diwali:)
Remember the list I made a few days ago..I have done much…Something else is going on..I cant say anything about it just yet..may be will be able to share more in a day or two.
Next is weddings..suddenly,so many people I know are getting married..cousins friends..acquaintances..some have found happiness second time around..I wish them all luck..and wish I was there to enjoy their wedding dinners.
And there are babies…its literally raining babies…old friends,blog friends,DH’s co-workers..new friends..
Then,ofcourse there is the driving…I am enjoying it more and more..Its almost like an addiction.
Speaking of addictions,I am addicted to Farmville and Sorority life.I set aside time for these brainless games:D..and I must say I enjoy it immensely.
I finished Sewing a sundress for Aadya..well almost..just have to finish the hemming,tomorrow.
More later..my strawberries are ready to be harvested:)


10 thoughts on “What’s on my mind?

  1. what is the news? is it the sister’s wedding? I have gone through the list you had put up and trying to find out what you could be secretive about?

    Declutter one room a day.
    Change all the fused lite bulbs.
    Bring out the christmas lights.
    Look for low-sugar/fat-free diwali recipes.
    Help Aadya make Diwali cards,for family and close friends.
    Organise/alter clothes for Lakshmi Puja.I will add more,as I go.

    Is it the light bulbs you have changed? And not put in energy efficient bulbs? And scared Kevin Rudd is reading your blog?!!!!


  2. good for you for everything that’s on your mind. you sure got me curious… will come back in a day or two to read about “something that’s on your mind but you can’t share yet” ! 🙂


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