October 8th

8th October-Its my mom’s birthday today. What used to be a special occasion before,is now a day of fond memories.
I am so addicted to farmville,that I completely neglected my real world plants..So,today was well-spent tending to the garden.First,we tackled the garden in the front..I dug out weeds,while Aadi pretended to dig..then,she went out for a walk..The rule is she can walk on the grass patch,and keep talking to me.So far,its working..dunno for how long..
I re-planted some marigolds.I had dumped some seeds..in different patches..and a few sprouted..what was heartening was to see small flowers and buds on a plant as talls as my little finger.
Then,I cleared up the veggie patch..The spinach was turning yellow..it was spreading so fast.I dug out the ones that I had already cut some leaves from,leaving only the newly sprouted saplings.I pulled out all the methi(fenugreek) ..I had first planted it in april..since then, I harvested it atleast 10 times..I had so much methi,I gave it away to almost all of our guests.Tomorrow,I will sow the next batch.
I also transferred the tomato and mint to the ground.
The princess dreamt of cakes and so it was bake-time in the evening.I dunno how I dozed off with her,but the day just ended abruptly.DH got swine flu vaccine today and the poor guy is so tired.
Its Day-7 of DaBloPoMoand if you are still here,reading evryday mundane stuff of my life,Thank You.


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