Tales from the grocery store

Let me tell you the untold tales of our grocery expeditions with the little Diva.

18month old Aadya,went grocery shopping with her dad.Her favorite word,then,was-Tight.She used it-when she was hot,when she was tired of sitting in the stroller/car-seat/grocery cart..and also,when what she was wearing was actually tight.The chant of “tight” would start,the moment,she wanted to be let out of the stroller.So,Baba happily took her grocery shopping..so,mom could get some time off .All was fine..Baba strapped her into the grocery cart and they cruised the aisles,until..she spotted a juice pack that she just HAD to have.Baba said  No,it being dinner time and all.That was all it took to start the chant of ‘tight’.
“Tight” she said,Baba ignored.”Baba tight” Baba told her nicely,it’s not tight..Tight hai tight hai tight hai…she kept insisting..Baba went on cruising,picking up things from the list.
A nice old woman was walking towards them,she smiled sweetly at the duo..And then,Aadi,said in an exaggerated tone,”Tiiiiiiiight” almost painful!!
The nice old lady,shook her head at Baba,and said,”may be it is really tight..can you check?” and she waited for him to check.Ofcourse,Baba being Baba,got flustered,checked and showed her,that the belt was tight..paid for the things already in the cart and raced home.Poor guy was so embarassed.His opening line,when I opened the door was,”I dont care,what you do..I am never going to the store alone with her!!!”And I?But ofcourse,I laughed till tears ran down my face.

Baba and  2 year old Aadi went to the grocery store,to pick up milk.Aadi wanted a basket…Baba told her,”its stuck”..The little diva,trots off,pulls one basket out,proudly telling,Baba,”don’t worry baba,I help you!”
Yet another quick grocery run,this evening..Aadi walked inside the store,purposefully towards the basket stack,pulled one out and said,”Mamma,I helpyou”..And DH pulled another basket.We went around,I picked up some things for tomorrow’s lunch..and DH picked up some fruit,for his snack,during the match..and Aadi,well she,touched  everything that I touched,insisted I put the lunch things in Aadyabasket and not in Bababasket .When DH looked at some berries and then chose half a water-melon..Aadi,looked at some dates and then,carefully went through a selection of strawberries and then,after much deliberation,picked up a b0x of strawberries.
And then,between running from DH to me,asking if we needed her help,she reminded us,of the things,that we had told her,we wanted to buy,helped me decide between yellow and red flowers,told us,which toys she wanted Santa to bring her(at this rate,Santa is going to have to bring an extra bag) and then,crossed her hands on her chest and frowned and said,”I am angry,Mujhe Nahi Chahiye”..I don’t remember what that was about..
Anyway,grocery trips are so much fun now..and also more expensive,though I try to restrict her shopping to one thing only,but I don’t like to say No to fruits..The next few months are going to be tough,what with the stores decorated with christmas stuff..but,she did so well today..walked on when we told No,put things back and then,asked us,before picking up..I don’t remember what that “I am angry”bit was about..but I am pretty sure,it wasnt about something that she wanted…because I remember laughing that there was no connection.
Anyway,Weekend begins tomorrow.We are going out with friends,to celebrate a friend’s Promotion and the rest of the weekend,just sprucing the house up of Diwali.What are you doing,this weekend?


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