DaBloPoMo Day-6

Today was another rainy gloomy day.
And Aadya spent yet another day on the couch..head in my lap.We watched a movie,read some books,sang some songs…The only thing that irritated her was,Pedialyte..Its hard work,coaxing a kid to drink something if she doesn’t want to.She has lost so much weight in the last 3-4 days..there is hardly any food in her body.
She was better after her nap..ate a little khichdi..Sanj was feeling sick,all day too..so,khichdi was the only dinner option.Both father-daughter went to bed shortly before 10.00.
Diwali is just round the corner..and I started some spring cleaning.I remember when we were growing up,as soon as the diwali vacation started,mom would pull out the festive show-pieces and it was our job to dust and shine them.We would clean the house,re-arrange furniture..some years,there would be fresh coat of color..But the festive spirit would come over all of us..
The festivals,here are generally,lacking in spirit,but this year,I want the Diwali cheer to fill our house and lives..
Here’s my to-do list-

  •  Declutter one room a day.
  • Change all the fused lite bulbs.
  •  Bring out the christmas lights.
  • Look for low-sugar/fat-free diwali recipes.
  • Help Aadya make Diwali cards,for family and close friends.
  • Organise/alter clothes for Lakshmi Puja.I will add more,as I go.

What is your to-do list before Diwali?


2 thoughts on “DaBloPoMo Day-6

  1. Wow! U already have a to-do list ready 🙂 Hw nice 🙂
    Gotta make one this weekend 🙂

    Help Aadya make Diwali cards,for family and close friends – Thatz so sweet! Looking fwd to c them 😀


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