We messed up …

big time!
So we always buy two big cans of milk(3L).I give warm milk to Aadi,before her nap and at bed-time and first thing in the morning.And almost every other time,I check the date on the can.
I don’t know what happenned this time.The expiry date on the can was 1st Oct and I realised on the 5th morning.I was also very tired those few days..and couldn’t understand the reason..Aadi was alright,mostly..just not very keen on drinking milk..I found that weird..because she loves milk.Anyway,thank GOD,I didn’t force her to finish her milk.She wasnt eating much either.And then,on Sunday,after I came back from the market,we were all tired..we gave her milk,again the same milk..and she had some and then,vomitted.
We started assessing her diet that day..and blamed it on the eggs.It was only next morning when I was warming up milk for her,that I saw the date…and I felt so horrible.Sanj was so upset too,with himself.For a change,we were both blaming ourselves,rather than each other.
She was fine,yesterday but not eating and was very lethargic.But she perked up in the evening,when we went to wish our friend K for his birthday.
But today morning,she was tired and cranky,again not eating.I gave her a light lunch of yogurt and rice and she threw up…and by evening,her condition worsened..she couldn’t even keep water in…We rushed her to the doctor..I called my friend S & her husband,K,they came over right away and that was a big help ..Sanj was unreachable..
The doc confirmed that it was mild food poisoning..andwe have to wait it out,unless,there fever or diaorrhea.There has been some diaorrhea,since we got back..and so we are on high alert..hope she feels better soon.
Life is no fun,without Aadya Antics:)


2 thoughts on “We messed up …

  1. Oh my god. Hope Aadya recovers fast. Don’t feel too bad, every parent messes up this milk thing. A couple of times I have realised that the milk has turned bad AFTER Venky drank it all! Thank God he didn’t end up in the hospital. I know it feels horrible when we overlook something and our kids suffer, but at the end, we are all humans šŸ™‚
    Hugs. Prayers for Aadya’s fast recovery.


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