I was really impressed with Sunita’s NaBloPoMo and decided to give it a go..but we were already in the middle of august then..and then,I didnt really blog in the first week of September..so i told myself,October will be the month..But,I goofed up on the first day..Do I still try or do I give it up,for another month..?
ummm..I say,still try it.
So,today will be the first day of my DaBloPoMo(Daily blog posting Month!).
Let me share the books,that have been in my hands a lot this week.
Toddling to ten is a parent-help book,with topics ranging from tantrums,to bed-time/meal-time drama,sibling rivalry and a lot more.Each problem is looked at from the mom’s point of view,the child’s point of view and then,there are all these stories,that real mom’s write about their kids…its almost like sitting with a group and hearing everyone’s experiences!
The next book,is an activity book called,World around me.Its a very nice book,to teach your toddler colors,shapes,relationships..also,what belongs here..We have been working on each chapter together..and I can actually see Aadi thinking each one through.
The next book,is 123..a gift from Aneela so far,we are having fun,looking at and recognising pictures.
And the last one,a little treat.Its Everyday Muffins and bakes .This one comes in handy,when your little sweetheart looks at the picture of cupcake and demands,”I WANTTTTT a cupcake..cupcake cupcake…”
It has some very easy,quick muffin recipes..The girl and her dad have been hogging..
Sorry,I haven’t been over at your blogs..it was a very busy week..i promise to be better next week!:)


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