The Weekend and the eye exam

When was the last time you went for an eye-exam?Me?I went for one,yesterday and let me just tell you that for the first time I wasn’t nervous,probably because I was just too mad.
Mad,irritated,tired..of running after Aadi for almost 3 hours.I don’t think I have ever been so irritated.
The weekend started out alright,we stayed in on Saturday,called the cleaner,ate an early dinner and Aadi and I went to bed.The plan was to go to see the penguins at Philip Islands.Philip Islands is about 3 hours from here and its a tourist attraction.Almost everybody,who comes to Melbourne or any other place in Australia,has it as one of their destinations.Philip Islands is the resting place of the penguins.Every evening,the penguins come here,at Sunset,after,spending a day fishing and gathering food.I have heard that it is quiet a sight to see all the little creatures,waddling back home,so like a little army.
I was really excited,because I really want a break from everyday mundane stuff…But,Sanj stayed up late watching crazy Hindi horror shows and woke up late,in no mood to drive.
Almost half the day was over.The stores close at 5.00 and it was already past noon.I wanted to go check out a trade fair,and had to also get an eye exam.So,we went in,booked the appointment for the eye-exam.Sanj’s hair cut was long over due..and so that had to be done too.So,we waited.This place doesn’t take appointments.You have to walk-in and wait for your turn and it being a Sunday,the place was crowded.

So,I took the little Miss for a walk..while Sanj waited.We came back,still he was waiting.And Aadi decided to go sit with him.Now,he was sitting and playing a game on his Iphone and just forgot to pay attention.Did I mention how I hate that phone.?I didn’t?? Well,I do..I H-A-T-E it from the bottom of my heart.So I ended up watching from outside the salon..and when I tried to take her outside,she decided the dirty floor covered in hair was the perfect place to sit on.I cant tell you how mad I was.

Sanj’s back had been bothering him for sometime and after the haircut,he decided to get a massage..And the only appointment was clashing with my appointment..SO,I ended up changing my appointment and watching a tired,irritated and being extremely stubborn Aadi..Actually the word that comes to my mind is dheet or ziddi(I cant just get the right translation for Ziddi-I think it would be insisting unreasonable…and dheet is stubborn) somebody help me here.She insisted on talking loudly,tell Redd Riding Hood story to everybody there..wanting to close the salon door.Funny,how it all seems so silly now..But then,I was fuming…Reallyyyyyy fumingggggggggggg.

I took to Cookieman to get her some milkshake ..We got some yumm RockyRoad shake..She sipped it,while I paid..and then,just as we were stepping out,something went wrong..Because,supposedly,she wanted Isheem(Ice-cream).I mean when did she learn the difference?We give her an occasional icecream on the stick at home.But,outside it always,a milkshake and I tell her,they dont have cones..But she insisted on Isheem with a Poon!So,I bought her a kiddie sized scoop..and the brat then wanted the shake too..Greedy child,I tell you.And when I refused to give her the shake,she shook her head at me and said,”BAd Mamma,MEz not happy.Very angry hoon Tunse” I was like..WTH???

Anyway,Sanj’s massage was done with and it was time for my eye exam.In all this excitement,I didn’t have time to get nervous. I remember the first time I had gone for an eye exam was when I was 10.We were in Saudi that time and since it was a male doctor,my dad was required to be with me.I felt secure by him presence,but I was very anxious,as I didn’t want any glasses .i was quiet vain.

The next exam was I think two years later,that time I was nervous and shy,because the eye-exam would mean that I had to wear glasses in front of all my friends and class-mates..what would they think of me?Yeah I was VERY vain. After that came the yearly checkups,and that was quiet daunting.I mean,being alone and so close to a strange man in a dark room was very scary…I would be more worried about him touching me,than about my increasing power.No No…none of the doctors ever tried any hanky panky,but I was still scared.

Then,my sister found this place and we were both very comfortable with him.He has the gentlest of manners and he has been my ophthalmologist and optician for the last 7-8 years.And then,this eye-exam happened.Notice how I said-I WAS very vain..well,this time I went in wearing glasses and one of the lenses was slightly chipped off and I didnt care.And half way through it,I realised I wasn’t nervous or scared..Not even after the lights were turned off.I dunno why that was…May be I am not in the make-a-pass-at list anymore..or may be because,I know I can just swat at the hand now..Whatever it was,this eye-exam was the most stress-free . And the good news,My eye sight is better than before..In fact,I need to get new glasses of lesser power..how cool is that.

Next we headed off to the city for dinner at an Indian restaurant.The food is quiet good and cheap and the place is always busy.And we didn’t find any parking..I wanted to sit there and eat and Sanj didn’t want to pay for the parking…We ended up eating a cold take-out dinner at home..So,not the way I wanted to end my day..I fumed a little more..and then,Aadi did the sweetest thing-She made an omlette for me in her toy pan and fed me pretend morsels…And then the anger had to melt away..

Another weekend over..yet another long week.


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