Rakhi or Cookie

DSC02749Rakshabandhan brings back fond memories from my childhood.For one it used be a holiday and the day would start out special.
Mom would cook a special breakfast,while dad dunked us the big tank in the backyard.After the bath,we’d dress up in the new clothes that mom had laid out and it would be time to tie Rakhis to dad.His sister would send him a Rakhi and mom would buy another Rakhi,so that we could tiea rakhi each to him.Dad would hand over gifts to us,and we’d all have a happy breakfast 🙂
Then,we’d go over to tie Rakhi to our brother,B.This relationship dates back to our grandparents generation.My grandmother,dad’s mom used to tie rakhi to B’s grandfather and then,their kids tied rakhis to each other and then,it was our turn.Then in the evening,dad’s sisters would come over.These were girls,he had grown up with..the relations dating back to their parents generation.
Then,when we moved to Bombay,we’d try to co-ordinate in a way that we could spend the day with our cousins..But,one tradition continued,that of celebrating it with dad first.
After Aadya was born,we decided to start this tradition for Aadi and her dad.The first year she was just a few months old.The second year,we were travelling and didn’t do anything.This year,Aadi is quiet observant and the festival deserves to be celebrated.
I made Rakhis at home..One of Aadi’s Baba and one for JaishriKishna .See Baba’s hand in the picture on top.The first thing Aadi said when she saw  Baba’s Rakhi was,”wow,Mamma Cookie”..all my attempts of telling her,its a Rakhi,were met with,No Mamma,I said,its Cookie.I told her,its for Baba..You can tie it to Baba..She asked,”Give it Baba?”,I said yes and sure enough,as soon as Sanj walked in,she pulled a chair to the kitchen counter and wanted to give the Rakhi-cookie to Baba!

Baba changed  and we got down to the business of giving ..errr..tying rakhi.First,a Rakhi for Jaishrikishna ,then,tilak and Aarti to Baba.Aadi was so good,she  did everything as I told her.But,when it came to tying the rakhi,she wanted one on her wrist!She rolled up her sleeve and presented her wrist.It reminded me so much of my baby sister.When we were growing up,she would also insist that I tie a Rakhi to her,for wasnt she my REAL sister.


Anyway,I tied a Rakhi on Aadi’s wrist first then,helped her tie one on Baba’s .Baba handed over the gifts,some money and squirty toys..She was more interested in the toys.But,remembered the money,after she was done playing with the toys

Then,we had a nice dinner- Spinach-peas pulav,Raita,kheer,papad. Sanj was really touched,at the hand-made Rakhis and the whole  new tradition bit..I was just happy with the festivity 🙂


6 thoughts on “Rakhi or Cookie

  1. Ohh ya ..you know “Rakhi means childhood memories” was my gtalk status on 5th and 6th 🙂 followed 2 blog post

    Rakhi = cookie ..LOL what imaginations these kids have 🙂


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