Toasty Toes

Aadya has this pair of machine knit socks that she loves.I have been wanting to knit socks for her for the longest time..but knitting on double pointed needles discourages me..So,I decided to try crochet.
And I started crochetting ,using the machine knit socks as the base.And then I got stuck,when I got to the heel of the sock.
I found this pattern and I continued from there.
The size is for one year old and..I loved how they turned out.
Its almost winter and a friend has a 1 year old..I sent it to her and she loved it.I don’t have a picture of the little toes..but here are the socks.

Made with- Panda Baby 4 ply yarn.


One thought on “Toasty Toes

  1. Baby booties are the cutest things to make, isn’t it? When I learnt to make it last year, I made like 6 or 7 pairs in all different colors. šŸ™‚


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