IndusLadies Contest

Round 2-Show me some Lurveeee

Thank you Thank You Thank you..
Yes, YOU, YOU and you..Who voted for me.
I was following the Poll page for the first two days..and then I saw the huge margin between the top entries and my entries and had almost given up coming into the second round.
I was super-excited about being selected for the first round.But truth be told,I hoped that by some miracle or weird twist of fate,I would get to round 2..
And someone told me,not to give up hope..that its the little drops that make the ocean.
And I screeched into the round two,ended up in a tie..:D at the last position..but,what the heck..I made it..

So now,come on go on and cast your more time..Please,Pretty Please with a Cherry on top? A Friend’s kid thinks he can get what he wants by saying this..So,I can dream too 🙂

So,Show me some love ,go and vote for me Here
Go On …Come Onnnnnnnn Nowwwwwwwwwwww, As the Pipette says.


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