Of Little Mice and Scaredy Moms

In case you didn’t guess from the title,I am scared of mice..Scared means,really scared-heart-about-to-burst-out of your chest scared.
Last Monday,I dozed off with Pipette at nap-time.The phone rang and I woke up. Now I am almost blind without my glasses.I stumbled to the living room to get the phone and I saw something move..I didn’t even notice it first.And then,it decided to race through the living room.I let out a big scream on the phone and ran back to the bedroom.In the confusion,I didn’t even check,where it went.
I spoke to my friend,whose call had woken me in the first place,till my heart-beat returned to normal.And then,called up S,to tell him that there was a little mouse in the house.His first reaction when I told him,we were locked in the bedroom was,to hoot with laughter.And then,he proceeded to tell me,how he was grateful to the mouse for having scared me.WTH??I yelled at him..and he hung up laughing..saying that he would take care of it when he got back.
I spent the next two hours,biting my nails,sitting in the bedroom.
We didn’t have any furniture..We had returned our rented furniture and our shipment was delayed..so the only furniture was in the bedroom.Now,lizards and cockroaches I can handle..and kill with vengeance but,a mouse..ewwwwwwwww…that I cannot.
S came back,looked for it everywhere and concluded that it must have gone back to its home,wherever that was.We spent a good hour looking for openings in the walls and found an opening in the bathroom.We rushed out to get a rat-trap.S ribbed me about the mouse all the way to the hardware store.Even saying that it was our very own Stuart Little..and it was a hand of Karma.A black kitten had entered our garden and I turned it away.S wanted to adopt it..But,I don’t like cats..I mean they give me the creeps..and its like the cats dislike me too.A cat would be purring sweetly at S and the moment it lays its eyes on me,it growls..or whatever it is that cats do to scare you.
Anyway,we set up the rat-trap and took care to load it with peanut butter and left it near the hole in the bathroom. Nothing happened.And we didn’t see the mouse again.S blamed it on my blind eyes.But I was still wary.
I kept all the doors closed and knocked on the door before entering.I banged the walls before stepping in the corridor I am still doing that.All I am trying to do it warning the mouse of my arrival.
And then it appeared again on Friday.Just zoomed past the living room and disappeared in to the pantry cupboard..or so it seemed to me.I was fasting that day..and just fed the Pipette,some leftovers.And actually,spent the day in the bedroom again.S came back and we emptied the pantry cupboard.There was nothing inside.We threw all the open packets and went out and got some Ratkill.S,went to check the rat-trap again and Guess what.The clever mouse had licked off the Peanut butter and the trap was as it is!!!! I was talking to Aneela then..and she just laughed,saying,Of course,wohi toh uski rozi roti hai.(that’s its job!!)
Anyway,now,we haven’t seen it since that day.We ,actually S,blocked the hole and stuffed some Ratkill there.The back up is to get some cat-hair from Aneela’s Pesho and leave it near the hole.Hopefully,the smell will be enough to discourage the rodents.
Till then,I am back to banging walls and knocking doors.
We were so thrilled to get a brand new house as a rental property..who knew it came with its own rodents…er..problems.
Oh and As for the Pipette-She thinks this banging walls and knocking doors is a game that mom is playing.As soon as I start banging walls,she does the same and then giggles and sings,Mashakali Mashakali!! Don’t ask me why!?!!
Here watch the video and go Here and vote for me.


9 thoughts on “Of Little Mice and Scaredy Moms

  1. LOL ! But with you on this one…I too hate all sort of rodents- rats particularly. Hope you rid your house of it soon!


  2. I don’t like roaches, lizards and mice. Period. I don’t enjoy their cheekiness in trying to tease u. Also cats…now, I don’t hate them, but I try to keep away from them as much as I can. But DOGS…I can die for them!


  3. Lady, I am not laughing. I hate all kind of reptiles, rocaches, rodents, they all give me creeps. In our last house, exactly the same thing happened. I was watching tv alone at night and saw something running across. I ran to our bedroom and woke up D – there’s a rat in the house! He actually looked around under the bed, under the couch, everywhere for an hour and decided that I am too tired and that’s why seeing things. two days after that, I opened the toilet door, and shrieked, There it was ! Quickly dialled D’s mobile and told him that about it while closing the gap between the door and floor by a cloth, with my heart beating so fast. D couldn’t stop laughing when he came home and found me locked in the bedroom. I refused to come out untill he got rid of it. Guess what ? he opens the toilet door and it wasn’t there!! We couldn’t find any hole or anything in the house. Called up the pest control guys and he took care of the problem. Just the sight of them gives me creeps !Hey I didn’t know about that knocking the doors and the walls thing – You can imagine how I would open the door to the toilet for next few days !! And obviously I stopped watching TV once D called it a day !


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