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A Round of Thanks

I am sorry I never got around to saying “Thank You” to all you lovely people who took the time to read my blog and then to vote for it at the Mother’s Day competition.So,I say it now.

Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!

Also,Sending a big Thank you to all the lovely ladies at Indusladies Forum.Thank you for hosting this competition and for promptly sending the gifts-A T-shirt and a cap,with IndusLadies Logo!(unfortunately,I havent seen it yet..its at my dad’s.)
Thank you!

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Round 2-Show me some Lurveeee

Thank you Thank You Thank you..
Yes, YOU, YOU and you..Who voted for me.
I was following the Poll page for the first two days..and then I saw the huge margin between the top entries and my entries and had almost given up coming into the second round.
I was super-excited about being selected for the first round.But truth be told,I hoped that by some miracle or weird twist of fate,I would get to round 2..
And someone told me,not to give up hope..that its the little drops that make the ocean.
And I screeched into the round two,ended up in a tie..:D at the last position..but,what the heck..I made it..

So now,come on go on and cast your more time..Please,Pretty Please with a Cherry on top? A Friend’s kid thinks he can get what he wants by saying this..So,I can dream too 🙂

So,Show me some love ,go and vote for me Here
Go On …Come Onnnnnnnn Nowwwwwwwwwwww, As the Pipette says.

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Vote Please,Pretty Please?

I am soo kicked..I want to participate in E-V-E-R-Y single contest thats on..Hehehe

My post got picked in the 50 posts for Indus Ladies Mother’s Day Contest.

Now,its upto you readers to make me win..:D

I know I know..There are only about 7-8 of you,but come on, a girl can dream,Can’t she??

So,head on Here

and Vote for

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This child?My mother?My child?

This post is probably going to be as confusing as its title.
Today,as I was putting Aadi to bed,I was thinking of my mother. The reason being,my glasses.Many many years ago,a routine eye exam revealed that I was near-sighted and needed glasses.I was very upset and didn’t find the glasses very appealing.Like a normal,almost teenage girl,I thought the glasses spoiled my looks,and would shy away from wearing them,most of the time.Its another story that because of my vanity,I am almost blind now.Anyway,my mom would keep reminding me to wear my glasses.If I was lying in bed and reading,holding the book too close to my face,she would ask me to sit up and wear my glasses.It was like she was my glasses-police.
Over the years,I outgrew the vanity and realised that the glasses are not so unbecoming after all. And though now,I use contact lens when I go out,most of the day,I wear my glasses.Sometimes even go out wearing my glasses.Now at home,Aadi is my specs-police.She just doesn’t let me take off my glasses.Even compliments me,when I put them on.Its her almost crazy obsession,that makes me think of my mother..It was like my mum’s goal was to make sure I wore glasses all day long,so as to “decrease my power”.
As I lay in bed,cuddling with Aadi,helping her fall asleep,she snuggled up to me and called me by my childhood name and its not the first time,she’s called me by that name.The only people who ever call me by this particular name is my parents,and occasionally my aunt.My dad,and aunt haven’t addressed me by this name in front of Aadya..then,how I wonder does she know this name?And if its just a name of endearment,that she created,why doesn’t she use it for the DH?
I was still thinking these thoughts when she fell asleep.I sneaked out to the kitchen,to grab a glass of water.And what do I see on the kitchen window?A pale brown butterfly.At this time of the night! What is so special about the butterfly,you must be wondering.They say and we believe,that when a departed soul,of a loved one,is hovering near you,they appear in front of you,in the form of a butterfly.We,i.e.,my family started sighting this butterfly after my mom’s death..any time,there was a family gathering, or on important days,like birthdays,festivals,exams etc..Every time,we,the DH and I, moved into a new place,the butterfly was there to welcome us.When we had to do the unexpected road-trip,when I was 3 months pregnant..the butterfly was sitting on our windscreen,when not even a bird or insect was seen.And it was freezing outside.Call me crazy,call me superstitious,but when I saw the butterfly tonight,unknowingly,the first thought in my mind was,”Hi Mom!” ….And I had to write this post.
Somehow,it just explains,the unexplained peace,the unexpected closure to my mother’s death,that Aadi’s birth brought me..It also explains,why I never felt alone,when I was all alone,in the inital days,after she was born and the DH was stuck in work..It all makes sense..It does really.