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Just this and that.

I finally managed to haul my butt to the salon and got my eyebrows shaped.So what? I will tell you what…
For the last two months,I kept thinking,about going to a salon. In the first month we were in USA and with me not driving,I had to depend on Sanj  to take me places. Somehow, with the whole move thing,weekends spent packing and/or partying,there was never time for the visit to a salon.After moving here,we were busy house-hunting,settling down in the new house,new job(Sanj’s) and again the weekends got away from us. And I was paranoid,about going to the salon alone with Ms.Aadya.What if half way through,she threw a tantrum and I had to run out the door? I didn’t want to sport one well shaped and one bushy eye-brow.
But, today,I decided..that no matter what,it had to be given a shot.After all I didn’t want to be nominated for one of those makeover shows.So,right after breakfast,we stepped out. We ran into one of my newly acquired friends down the street. And she decided to join us too. So,we went into the Salon,I took Ms.Aadya along with me.She was sitting in her stroller,while I got my face… cleaned.And she was a good girl too.She happily chattered away with the girl doing my eyebrows.,calling out to me once or twice..but generally ignoring me all the time.And thus I came out looking clean. At the end of it all, the petite Asian girl,who did the job,told me..”See, you look nice now..” and then,I knew..I did good in taking the risk. And they did a good job too..I say this,because Sanj, who is always quiet oblivious to such things,noticed and complimented!!!
Speaking of Sanj,he has been working long hours again.So much so,that today,when he met Aadya,it was after a good 36 hours.Last nite,she went to bed, calling out to him,but obviously he couldn’t hear,because he was still at work.And this morning,when he left,she was still sleeping.Her excitement at seeing him,was unbelievable.We went to pick him up at the station and when I saw him,I let her out of the stroller and let her walk next to me. She was happily looking at faavers(flowers) and bhoo bhoos when she saw him..she screamed and ran towards him.She is a typical turns of screaming and squealing..always,squealing..she tries to put on her shoes and if she cant she squeals.the water in her sippy gets over,she screams.. she wants a spoon,she asks me poonsh…I don’t give it she screams,you get the gist.So,she ran up to him and promptly demanded utho utho(aadya-speak for pick me up)..As soon as he picked her up..she almost smothered him with kisses. He was naturally thrilled..and refused to let her walk.
And Ms.Aadya loves talking.She loves talking .Period. When we are sitting around,watching TV, she is talking.louder than the TV.When we go for a walk,she is talking,about the things that we see,when we are in the car,she talking and humming,with the music that’s playing.This weekend,she was “reading” her book..and we were just lying around next to her.I asked Sanj, almost in a whisper,”so want some later?”…and before Sanj could answer,Ms.Aadya piped,”Yeah”…. We looked at each other trying to stifle our giggles..and she goes one step ahead and says,”Mamma,wann some..” And then we couldn’t stop ourselves!!!!From laughing of course!! What did you think,huh??
Ohh and we just completed one month in’s hoping the coming months are nicer and happier.


6 thoughts on “Just this and that.

  1. mimi…are you in Australia? Welcome to the southern hemisphere…Im in Melbourne with householder, one cat and a ‘site under construction’..drop by when (or if) you are in Melbourne.


  2. Email me at aneela.zeb.babar@gmail.comand we can exchange numbers…I teach at Monash and semester ends in a week. It would be lovely to catch up as (even though it seems it will never arrive) summer will be here soon and I know Im going to get cabin fever cooped up with a husband who is either travelling or watching cricket.


  3. Glad to know you are settling down. And glad to know you got the “mowing” done 😛 I got done it too – on my head. Will send you pics soon.


  4. you bad parents!!! talking about getting some and wanting some in front of l’il pipette! :pand glad that salong visit with her was a success!! :Dloved to read about her baby talk!! she is just too cute! :)and heres wishing happier times ahead!cheers!abha


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