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Of Little girls who make your Boos better

These last few days all I have done is packing,sorting, packing and more sorting. And all the while there are a thousand thoughts in my mind. I have a couple posts in draft and countless others in my mind,but this one needs to be written.
I had a followup appointment at my doctor’s office today and we all were happy to get away from this mad place we call home. I tell you, there is so much mess- well, actually not mess.its our things- clothes,books, etc..but in general moves are messy and to add to it, we are trying to pack a week long vacation in SFO, before we leave the U S of A. So, anyway, we were at the doctor’s office.
The doctor’s assitant came in to take all the details,Aadya was happily chattering ,saying hi giving hi-fives..till, she started checking my temperature and blood pressure and then,all the love evaporated .Sanj tried to distract her, but all she wanted to do was pry the pressure cuff off my arm. That got done and then we had to wait for the doctor. This is the only bad part about my doctor visit. She is great doctor, patiently answers all our queries but,the wait time is too long.So,thats a challenge,keeping a super-active toddler out of trouble. Sanj took her out for a walk and still no sign of the doctor.. after a long wait I think about 25 minutes or so..she came to see me.
“You are glowing,you seem to have lost weight”…these were her first words,on entering the room.Grinning ear-to-ear,I forgot about the long wait. When your doctor tells you, you are looking good,its a cause to celebrate. The next she asked Sanj ,if he had had his flu shots.When he told her that his sugar levels were back to normal,she reached out and hugged him. This is the reason, why I still keep going back to this place.. they make us feel like we belong. Anyway
then came the tricky part- the blood draw.
Its so difficult a good vein in my arms,and so as soon as the nurse came in to take the blood, sanj took aadya out .They came back,and we were still trying to find a vein after one missed attempt.Aadya saw the band-aid and started pointing at it saying “Boo Boo” with a sad face.I said, “Mumma has got a boo” she looked even sadder.I said, can you make it better?
And she did..She climbed up on the chair and kissed the band-aid and then asked me..”boo?”I said,with a sad face,Boo hurts.She climbed up on the chair and kissed it again and kissed my hand and face too.How could the Boo not get better then?
I hugged her and said,its Ok now,baby..then she smiled. The nurse hugged her too..and said..”see that’s why I wanted atleast one little girl”..What can I say,I got lucky!
So, if you want to make your boo better,you know where to go 🙂


4 thoughts on “Of Little girls who make your Boos better

  1. That was just so adorable of Aadya!And you feel so thankful to God for giving you such loving child when these moments happen and you forget everything else! :)P.S. I will work on it soon (you know what I’m talking about :D). Office has been super hectic.


  2. she is so so cute!! :)is there anyway the kisses can be sent overseas?! :)cheers!abhaps: since you have comment moderation on, why blind us with word verification?! 😦


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