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10 Things

~Nm tagged me.and ever since I started this new blog,I have decided to be prompt with the tags ,so here goes :
10 Things I miss and wanna do!

10 Things I miss in life :

  1. A carefree life- a life with no worries,just fun fun fun.
  2. A nice leisurely shower or nap.
  3. My sister,constantly intruding in my space
  4. Long conversations with the Dude
  5. The mad, happy chaos at my dad’s- the non-stop ringing of the phone, people coming and going,the dog barking, everyone screaming to be heard over each other,long leisurely meals shared amidst all this.
  6. Friends dropping by unexpected and staying over for dinner.
  7. A good session at the salon-manicure,pedicure,waxing,head massage and the works.
  8. Freedom to get up and go,whenever wherever.
  9. Heart-to heart chats with my best friend,Tina..Of course we still have those chats,but on the phone..Actually what I miss most is her animated expressions.
  10. And Last,but in no way LEAST,Ma!

10 Things that I want to do in life:

  1. Get the house,of my dreams.
  2. Get to my pre-pregnancy,preasthama figure.
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Write a book.
  5. Give shape to my idea of work/business..something totally non-main stream,putting my creative talents to good use.Its still a rough idea..will talk about it more,as I get a clearer picture.
  6. Have another baby 🙂
  7. Start teaching again.
  8. Go to Mauritius&Australia.
  9. Learn to play basket-ball.
  10. Go on a real honeymoon with the DUDE!

There you go,~Nm.. 🙂 And I am not tagging anyone,because I am sure most of you must have already completed this tag.

Note: The Dude will be hence forth referred to as the GP,short for Gypsy Papa .


5 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. Homework well done :)So what all creative talents do you have? Share with us so that we can learn a thing or two from you!


  2. ~Nm Creative talents- or just hobbies,Painting..embroidery.experimenting with different concepts..and I like to fuse ideas I said creative..atleast thats what I have been told. But here I am just not motivated enough!May be some day I will feel upto it..and then will do a post about it.Orchid- You are most welcome and we already miss you!Mystic- Go on write your own!! 🙂


  3. may i volunteer to drop in unannounced sometime? 🙂 i promise, we’ll stay over for dinner too! hehe!! 😀


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