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Sleep update

Last night, the Dude had to pull an all-nighter and so I had to manage Munchkin alone. Nothing new with it..because,I have her all day to myself and even when she is crying at night,she wants only me..but the Dude,atleast tries to calm her down,by talking softly to her or rubbing her back,while I grab her bottle or Gas-drops or whatever is needed at the moment. But there is something very eerie or should I saw lonely about hearing your baby scream,when you are alone at home, at night. And add to that,the quick glimpses that she shoots,behind my back.Sure,babies see Angels.. but its spooky,when you are all alone.
Anywho,I put her to bed, tucked her in with a heavy quilt,much like ours and left my shirt on her pillow.She stirred a couple times, grabbed the shirt and slept again.I finally settled on the bed to read my book.I was waiting for 3.00 AM,to see if my trick had worked..that and Dude wasn’t home,and I wasn’t feeling particularly sleepy.
3:02 AM : Munchkin is sleeping soundly.Mumma silently did a victory dance..YAYY it worked.
3:09 AM : Munchkin stirs,Mumma holds her breath…Munchkin looks around,spots mumma,crawls up to her,flops right next to her,breathing heavily,holds mumma tight and goes right back to sleep!
So,I wonder why she wakes up at the same time every day..only to cuddle up.Any ideas, ye experienced mommies? And any solutions? Coz much as I love her,I would like to cuddle up with the Dude too 😛
Waiting to hear from you

6 thoughts on “Sleep update

  1. Oh well..I’ve no answer to that! My son is 4 yrs and I still am looking for a solutions. My hubby jokingly says “Permanent kabab mein haddi” for betu when this happens 🙂


  2. Hmm..I used to sleep between the two , making Aryan sleep next to wall. But off late , he understood my trick. Now he sleeps between us 😦


  3. Hmm…ur lucky at least she goes to sleep holding your shirt, mine wants me there all the time and at 19 mths still doesn’t sleep through the night!


  4. ~Nm LOL Permanent Kabab mein haddi indeed..:)Swati-Aeyan is one smart cookie…Imp’s mom- Oh well the shirt thing worked only for about half an hour..then she wanted to cuddle up!!practically kicks her dad off and clings to me for dear life!!


  5. gypsy mommy!! :)first time here and you to see me often! 😀 i had noticed Kabir also looking beyond my back n smiling and i sometimes wnadered what does he see! now i know its angels!! :Dcubby had this luurrvveelly habit of sleeping in his cot albiet in our room! when someone came to stay with us we had to sleep on floor with him and the good habit never got back! cot is used for all and sunndry storing purposes! :(hope to get him to sleep on his own in some time!!cheers!


  6. Mama-mia-Welcome! And kabir is so cute..I am trying to get munchkin to sleep in her crib..right now her crib is attached to our bed..Here’s hoping our babies learn to sleep on their own soon!


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