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Mumma makes music

Munchkin loves music..of any kind and she thinks I make it.
The other day I was washing dishes and she insisted on being picked up.I was in a hurry and so propped her up on my butt and continued washing.The rhythmic splashing on water,into the pan,to rinse it was music to her ears.And she loved it,and even let me know it was a “Good Show” by patting me ,giggling and clapping. Heck,whatever makes her laugh!
Another activity that she finds musical is,me mixing coffee and sugar in a cup,with little milk,while the milk in the pot boils. She watches me so happily.
But seriously,she loves music of all kinds.Even the cheesy title tracks to the Hindi serials,to ad jingles,and of course film songs, pop songs.whatever. As I buckle her up in her car-seat,the Dude pops in a CD in the car’s player,and the excitement on her face, followed by an excited YAYY is just precious.
On a side note- Sis and Munchkin are friends now..and the sister leaves on 24th..So,I am a little Mopey!

5 thoughts on “Mumma makes music

  1. arent we idols in front of children? Now only if this adoration lasted :D. n my sis and her kids are leaving next week too. Lets mope together 😛


  2. How lovely! Would we adults ever find music in mixing coffee with sugar? No! Never..unless we are in one of those really really philosophical mood!Our children teach us..rather remind us to enjoy such little little things. DOn’t they? 🙂


  3. Kids can be tickled by the smallest of things I tell you. BTW, I would like to know, how you propped her up on your butt? Just asking so I can do the same with Naren, when he is nagging.


  4. Meira- I know how you feel!! but hey, it gets better! :)~Nm – Yes, they teach us so much..Swati-Ohh aren’t they all the same :)Shobana-lol just hold him sideways!!LOL!


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