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So much to write

The sudden pause in my blogging,has resulted in so many things pending to be written.First,was the disinterest,that caused me to go private on my other blog and then,the sis arrived..and I got busy catching up with her.
In the meantime,so much has happenned.
For starters,I met Orchie and her lovely family. Li’l A is so much fun to talk to..and Li’l Munchkin just adores him, follows him around where ever he goes,whenever they are together..I think she is completely smitten..hehhee.. And another person she seems smitten with is Orchie’s Uj..she surprised us,when she asked Uj to pick her up,in the first meeting..She is a friendly baby,but she is shy,where guys are concerned..Shy or scared..may be apprehensive. But,She was totally cool,with Uj. In Orchie’s Words-“She is totally checking you out Uj!!”
Orchie is actually my friendly neighbourhood blogger.. literally and she is so much to be with. And we have been trying to get Ms.Upsi to come and hang out with us,so that we can have a true bloggers meet.. Soon,I hope..Upsi,Ask that boss to give you a breather!
While Mumma was busy having fun with Aunty Orchid and Masi,Munchkin,was busy turning 13 months. And the girl just never stops talking..She is saying new words almost every other day. Just yesterday,I caught her repeating Nineteen after me!! sounded like!She can say almost 25 words now and her doctor keeps telling us,on every visit,how advanced she is. That calls for another post..
We have been hitting the malls,every two days and burning a hole in the the Dude’s pockets..One day,I told the Sis,”One day at the mall is equal to 2 days at the GYM” really it is,I mean so much walking,in one day..Dude just doesn’t get it,how we don’t get tired of going to the malls..every other day.
And the GYM,well I haven’t been going there as regularly as I would like to. And God!! we’ve have been eating out so frequently! I have given up counting Calories too..I mean there is just no point na? Today I went to the gym and was just half way through the workout when the fire alarm went off and We had to evacuate the place..I don’t know what happenned because,just as I was stepping out,I saw Dude and Munchkin arrive to pick me up.
And now I should hit publish,if I want this post to get published.

7 thoughts on “So much to write

  1. Hi to the Gypsyfamily..I also belong to a gypsy family..Ur munchkin speaks so many words at 13 mths..great..


  2. hey GM, thanks for the kind words! at our end too ..we are enjoying this new found friendship, so here’s to us!


  3. phew. bah. I go to Orchies and find link to yours. I come to yours, and find link to Orchies.Gawd!!Plain jealous.


  4. Common…you are making me jealous with your talk about meeting fellow bloggers…I am going to sulk in a corner. **SULL SULK***How is it going with the sis? Isn’t she here for a month?


  5. So you met the elusive Ms. Orchie did you? Hoping to meet her when she comes to bengalooru.Loved reading about Munchkin’s fondness for both of Orchie’s boys:)


  6. It is blog meet after blog meet everywhere I go 🙂 I am glad you had a wonderful time with orchid and family.


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