Hello Everyone,

I,The Gypsy Mumma,welcome you to this space.The characters you will read frequently about here are-Li’l Munchkin,our 1 year old, Dude,the Husband and Moi,the Gypsy Mumma.

Let me tell you a little bit about us- Munchkin,is the most precious little girl ever. She turned 13 months yesterday and boy! she is turning into such a brat.

Dude,the husband,is an IT geek,to the core.He is big sports fanatic and totally into history. Oh and did I mention,he loves travelling and his job takes him places.

And me- well,I am just me..a chilled out gal, who finds joy in small things,who looks for Sunshine on a cloudy day.I love talking and can go on and on..and of course,I love bragging about Li’l Munchkin.Hence,the blog.

Why are we the Gypsy Family? Well,gypsyism runs in my blood…By the time,my dad finally settled down in one place,I had decided never to marry another Gypsy.I went and got married to a ‘Never-Moved-in-my-life’ guy,and may be rubbed on some of my gypsy dust on him. He never stopped moving since then…So,here we are -the Gypsy family,looking for a place to call Home.

Oh..and those of you,who recognise us,please help me keep up the charade πŸ™‚
[Image courtesy: Google image search]

14 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hello GM (that’s easier to type!)Err.. your ticker is showing that Munch is 1 month something… Guess it’s high time you use the 2nd b’day ticker πŸ™‚


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