Of blogs and people

Why do you blog? write or read,I mean? No really,why? Let me tell you why I blog-I started blogging to document my pregnancy.I mean when I first started blogging,I didn’t really know much about it. But I was already writing important details of my pregnancy in a diary,so,this just became an online diary. Then,I started hearing from readers,and I started writing about my baby and slowly,other things too. I think,for each blogger,there comes a point,when you can’t keep your real life out of your blog. Because these are real people,who are writing to you..and these are real people who are reading you. All that is fine.Meeting some of these people is fine too.In fact,I have made some really good friends through blogosphere. You think every thing is going on fine.

And then,one day,somebody brings up something personal that you wrote on your blog,at a social gathering. How do you feel then? I, for one,am not a happy camper then. Generally,as a rule,I never bring up,blogging as a topic of discussion..and so rarely share my URL with anyone. Nor do I have it attached to my email signatures. Yes, if old friends knowing my penchant for writing ask me to start one,I point them,to my blog. Ask them for an honest feedback. And I know,most of them are lurkers.Some tell me offline..some don’t.

Lurkers,I am OK with..but its when the thin line between blog-world and the real world is crossed over,all discretion thrown away,that’s when I get MAD!!For me its like a breach of trust. Like when someone said.. ohh so you write just about Aadya..ho hum… YES I do.. and if its so boring,why do you keep coming back?

Someone else,asked me something rather personal,at a party.. I just changed the topic,then..but it did leave me with a bad after-taste..Even made me wonder,why I shared the URL with them. Sure,there is nothing wrong about wanting to know more..we are all curious beings..but i don’t really appreciate random questioning..makes me feel like I am under scrutiny and surely no-one likes that.I am not really anonymous..I blog about things that are of importance to me-my family,my life..the small nitty-gritties of daily grind and I am very comfortable with it.But when things like this happen,it just makes you stop and think..So friends or strangers,lurkers or regulars,if you have something to say..that’s what the comment section is for.Let’s leave the blog-talk out of our conversation. Capice?

OH and I am not talking about all you people who email me-The fact that I reply to your emails, itself should be proof enough,how much I love hearing from you.
As an after thought,wonder how others feel about it? Care to share your two cents with me?
Edited to Add-I think I am just going to take a break..may be go private ..I dunno..this whole thing makes me disinterested..I don’t like thinking everytime before hitting the publish button,if this is going to be the topic of discussion at tea-time.
Thanx for stopping by..This has been fun.. but here I say Good bye.

9 thoughts on “Of blogs and people

  1. I’m confused. The goodbye was meant as an ending to the post. Not an end to the blog..right??? It better be not that way!


  2. I can understand ur feelings very well. Take a break and be back soon..If you intend to make the blog private, pls do include me as a reader..


  3. Hi Trishna,i can understand how you feel! but don say gudbye to the blogworld. make it private, that would be better and safe!And dear friend dont forget to add me in 🙂


  4. I understand what you mean..I have thought about these things ..since my blog is also not anon..even I dont like discussing blogging stuff to everyone ..sometimes not even to husband sometimes. I went through this disinterest phase in last November. Take your time ..I will wait for your comeback !! If you wish , send me an invite for your private blog.


  5. heyy..!! don’t quit blogging because of a couple of morons, pls? if u wish, take the blog private. but don’t stop. and heyy, i would also be bugged if someone i know in the non-blog world brought up my blog as social conversation. if u go private, u have my id. and ma’am… when are u coming down, eh?


  6. I am in the minority here, but I don’t mind it at all. But if you feel uncomfortable, you should tell them. What’s on the blog, stays on the blog. Take a break, see how you feel about the issue. Please, please don’t make a snap, emotional decision! We all love your blog!


  7. Trish, I can understand how must feel. Very few people know about my blog, but now my family reads it, I hope 🙂 But, these people you are talking about, its their personality. If not the blog, they will find something else to poke into. We can’t do much, just got to ignore and co-exist. I am not the confronting type, so I can’t say this with a straight face. But, if you can, as Dotmom says, just tell them how you feel about it. Who knows, that might do the trick. But, please don’t shut it down, a lot of us are loyal readers[grrr… lurkers…]


  8. rayshma- soon. I will let you know :)Dottie- Thanx 🙂 but I dunno if I will be able to do that-confronting I mean. I have been thiking about this for a long while now.. so no snap decisions there.DDMOM- Thanx..see you,somewhere else,may be 🙂


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