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Munchkin & Chichi

Chichi is the name,Aadya has happily given my sister. My sister arrived last Friday.The last week waiting for her seemed to drag endlessly. I baked a cake on Thursday night and tidied up the place,one more time.
Aadya knew something was going on and she took special pleasure in decorating the living room carpet with shredded bits of eggs,from her lunch. She wants to eat everything herself these days.If I try to feed her ,she promptly puts her fingers in her mouth and takes out whatever food is in there to inspect,before putting it back in her mouth.So,in an effort to save time,I let her eat,while I decorated the cake.We both got done around the same time..I finished writing “Welcome Home” on the cake and Aadya,finished shredding her last morsel..Ughh..
I had vacuum the carpet again,give her a bath a result,we were late. Thankfully,there was a long line for immigration and we were well in time.
While we waited for her to come out,Aadya,befriended one 18 month old boy..who wanted to hug her.She,being the girl,pushed him away..and instead smiled coyly at his DAD!! But the little guy was persistent.He didn’t give up and when all else failed,offered her his bag,Really cute!
Anyway,sis was one of the last few people to come out and as soon as Aadya saw her,she ran up to her,stopping short,only to gawk at the big bags on her trolley. Then she felt shy..A gentle “Go baby,Masi is here” was enough push.Masi and niece hugged each other..and Aadya promptly made herself comfortable in her masi’s arms.Mumma was as always busy clicking pictures. I was just so happy to see her recognised her aunt.
On our way home,Aadya was so excited to see Masi sitting next to her.She showed/tried to share all her toys with Masi.It was a sight that made mumma so happy. Aadya,kept touching Masi ,all the way home,as if to reassure herself that she is really here to stay.
Two days after Masi’s arrival,Aadya decided to rename her..and every time,we ask her to say Masi, she says chichi..almost always..So Chichi it is..till she gets another name.
Chichi,came with lots of goodies for us..Tonnes of clothes for all of us..home made Karanjis made specially by my granny,I tasted these after 4 years,toys,junk jewellery and knick-knacks.
This is the first time,she is visiting us,since I,I am really excited and there is something really warm and fuzzy about having your sister close by.
For now,Aadya and chichi seem to be getting along fine.Aadya,tries to scare her every now and then-she expects us to be scared if she growls..Chichi scolds her when she troubles Mumma,which makes her mad at Chichi..In short,all is well here.
More later…

3 thoughts on “Munchkin & Chichi

  1. So where are the pictures??Its very rare that kids take into someone immediately even after they are meeting them after couple of times! Shows how much she had loved meeting her mausi the previous time also 🙂


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