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Party time

I think,its time to tell you about the party-its been a week,about time,the party post surfaced.
So,Aadya woke up a little before 12.00 am on 29th night.Just in time,to bring in her birthday.And she looked so fresh,I decided to let her stay awake. We cut the cake and then,she went back to bed.
I had been fretting about getting every thing done,a week before the party..but with DH’s work and my inability to drive,it never happened.So,we spent most of the Saturday, tying up lose ends and taking care of last minute details. All that and dinner and finally,arrived home around 11.00pm. I still had one major work to complete after Aadya went back to bed.That was packing the goodies bags.So,Aadya and my friend Vidya caught up on their required beauty sleep ,while DH and I, finished packing those. I even had plans to bake cup-cakes for my little guests,but never got around to it. May be next year.
March 30th
I woke up earlier than Aadya and sneaked into the shower.I heard the phone ring,when I was still in the shower. I thought,it must one of the family members calling up to wish Aadya. When I checked the answering machine,it turned out to be the bakery. My cake-decorator had told me,she would call me if she had any doubts. So,I spoke to her,explained again,what exactly I wanted for my baby’s cake and then,went to wake up Aadya. The reason for doubt-There were too many things,that I wanted her to do..there were too many colors that I wanted her to use..well not too many,just specific colors for specific parts of the cake. DH said his head was spinning by the time I hung up.I think I am going to take cake-decorating classes.. if I start now,I may be half way decent in time for Aadya’s next birthday. Anyway,I digress. So,I woke up DH first and then,we both woke up Aadya together,by bringing her to our bed and then cuddling with her.She was happy,right away. But she woke up coughing,and I knew that wasn’t a good sign. And sure enough,it wasn’t.She just didn’t want to let go of me,even for a second.
After she had her bottle,DH gave her a bath and I dressed her up in a frilly dress that her Grand-parents had sent. She looked adorable but,it was a little heavy and uncomfortable for her. She started crying right away.We managed to click a quick picture for GPs and took it off. I let her walk around in nothing but a diaper,while I fed her cheerios. And it was almost time to go to our venue.I quickly gave her a dose of tylenol and got her dressed and we were on our way.
DH dropped us and went to pick up the cake.We quickly spruced up the place,with the decorations,that I had sorted out in assorted bags..I couldn’t take pictures of the decorated place,because I had just finished decorating and the first of our guests walked in.
So,that brings us to the theme..The theme,that I chose for Aadya’s party was Butterfly Princess.Why butterfly Princess?She loves butterflies and she is our Princess!!
I chose pink and purple as the main colors. We tied pink & purple balloons to the chairs There were some silver ones too but I have no idea where they disappeared. Then,of course there were the birthday banners and streamers.. lots of pinks there too and lots of butterflies on the banners. The walls at Tantra,the restaurant,were painted a dark purple and I think the the pink banner looked really nice there. We lined up some tables with pink streamers too. Though we never used those tables!
The room had a bar,then a lounge area and then a long table.We just ended up using that..and my decorated tables remained unnoticed.Most of our guests didn’t know each other and so I was worried about there being those awkward silent moments. But luckily everyone got along so well with each other,it just never felt like they were seeing each other for the first time. And of course,I got to meet Ms.Upsi
And I have to tell you,she is adorable..though not as adorable as her lil one.And Mr.Upsi is really nice too.
The cake was chocolate flavored,iced pink with lots of butterflies and pink white and purple roses on it. The sides were blue and they were covered with a lacy trim.And though it was a shade darker than I wanted,I was happy with the way it looked. It was totally a girlie cake.

The cake was cut and eaten and the birthday girl promptly fell asleep,without a fuss. I couldn’t believe it she was so clingy till everyone arrived. DH was holding her and she just fell asleep,just like that.. no singing, no rocking.. just put her head on his shoulder and zzzz. And she slept peacefully till,everyone finished eating.The kids had a fun time running around.There were 3 other kids and all of them around 2 years of age.Once they were fed,they happily mingled,stopping only to go peek at the sleeping Aadya. One little went a little ahead and put a party hat on Aadya,put a balloon next to her and gave her her gift yet again…A huge teddy bear.So,when I turned to check on Aadya all I could see was the teddy bear and the party hat!
What started off as a formal gathering,soon turned informal.I think,it did.. everyone just opted for soft-drinks in the beginning,by the end of the afternoon,almost everyone had bee-lined for the bar,to get their favorite cocktails.

The menu was-
Appetizers-Cocktail samosa,vegetable cutlets,chicken tikka and chicken 65
Main course- Dal Makhni,Navratan Korma,Bhindi Masala,Malabari Chicken,Chicken Chettinad,Naan,Rice
Dessert-Mango Custard-Thick Mango shake,with lots of cut fruits in it.

I had planned on having some games,but everyone seemed to have a relaxed time,and I was just happy looking at all the happy faces,enjoying the food,sipping on their drinks-cocktails or coke. And Aadya was happy too.. she woke up fresh from her nap and then feasted on some mango custard and enjoyed sipping water from the straw. That’s her latest hobby! Ohh ,that reminds me,I sipped my first alcoholic drink in more than 2 years- a Mango-tini,compliments of the chef at Tantra.

Soon,it was time to see off our guests. We handed out gift bags … There were some fun bubble makers for the kids,and stickers and body tattoos..and for each family,I found these really retro photo frames and a small Noah’s arc show-piece.I wanted everyone to have something to remember Aadya’s 1st birthday by.I loved the photo frames so much,I picked up a couple for my living room too.
I had originally planned to just have a small dinner party at home or may be a cup-cake birthday party with the kids. But,we had never had any big celebrations for her..and so,she had to have the perfect birthday party. Or should I say,I wanted to have the perfect birthday party for my Princess.

All in all,a good 1st birthday and a great party,I think.

11 thoughts on “Party time

  1. Priyanka- welcome πŸ™‚ and thanx for the birthday wishes.Mona-Finally i figured out what FB means. lol yes i will put them out there!Rayshma- yes yes tell him!! and tell him we are waiting to meet you guys soon.Shobana- awww.sweetie.. we’ll have a party whenever we meet!! pakka promise!Kodi’s mom- thank you thank youSwati- yeah the girl knows when she is in demand!:)


  2. Hey! I know I;m damn late in putting my comment here but what to do with this old ageing haggard woman :PThe cake looks simply yummy!! And like everyone else, I need to see the pics too!!So how was she during the party? All fine since you said she had a cough when she woke up.


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