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One year old

March 30th,2008
Aadya turns one year old. And as I sit down to write this post,I don’t know what to write.I have written and re-written this post in my mind..so many times that all I can come up with now is a blank.

This last month has been very emotional…It was like,I just looked at Aadya and realised that she had suddenly grown up. My baby,who loved to be picked,who was content to be just held,was suddenly kicking and pushing to jump out of my arms,so that she could walk. The tiny baby that I gave birth to is suddenly an independent toddler.

But then I realise,she was always somewhat of a free spirit,always having her own mind.She surprised us by looking into our eyes,when we spoke to her,even when she was a week old. If something upset her,she would just cock up her eyebrows,pout those tiny lips and start crying. At one month’s age,she was holding her neck steady and had already rolled once from right to left.She was mostly a happy baby..I don’t remember her crying a lot,even if she did,I didn’t quiet notice it..

My first official glimpse (4 hours after birth)

I fell in love with her,almost instantly..I don’t really remember,how she looked,when I first caught a glimpse of her,in DH’s arms.I was a little high on all the pure oxygen that I was inhaling and she was partly hidden behind him..and then they whisked her away.The next time I saw her,I had just thrown up,and was all misty eyed. And the nurse wheeled in this tiny bundle.The room was suddenly too noisy,some of our acquaintances couldn’t stop themselves from stopping by! And all I wanted was to hold her… to have her all to myself.

We started telling her age in days, and then weeks and finally months..And each single day,brought out something new. There was never a dull moment.She has always been a friendly baby..having her moods very rarely.. like if she had just woken up or was really uncomfortable.But she just loved having people around her from a very young age…I remember taking her to the hospital at 5 days of age and she charmed,the nurses and technicians there,and not just because she was so tiny.. but because she actually cooed back at them.

Breast-feeding was tough,but before I knew it she mastered it. Each month,brought about something new..and we were more and more in awe of her. She is just a born charmer..and such an attention seeker.. that even at 6 months of age,she knew when she wasn’t the centre of every one’s attention and even now she starts whimpering,when she doesn’t get attention.

Then came solids,and she had a go at them too like a champ! Sure there are days,when she doesn’t even look at food. And she definitely has a choice..be it food or clothes..or colors. I think she favors pink .She loves some TV commercials and would not even blink when they are on. Same goes for the songs.She loves MUSIC.

She was a perfect angel,when all her grandparents visited.They arrived here with some apprehension-is our Grand-daughter going to start bawling the moment she sets her eyes on us? But,she absolutely adored her Nanu and Dadu-Dadi leaving them thrilled to bits. She charmed all the other relatives,with equal ease,its like she just carved a niche for herself in every one’s heart.She met her aunt for the first time at 9 months of age,when stranger anxiety was at the peak,but she clung to her like she had known her all her life and the very next day,she slept peacefully in her arm,during a car-ride.I was shocked to see,my clingy baby smile at me from her masi’s arms.

My baby girl,she’s perfect in every sense of the word..(knock on the wood) she managed to reach most of the developmental milestones before time or on time..and every single time ,my heart swelled up with pride. It didn’t matter that it was something as small as touching my face,or getting down from the bed on her own.. or if it was something big as walking or eating her own food. But,then I think,even if it weren’t for all these achievements,I would have still been so proud of her.. just because she is mine.. a part of me.The most perfect part of me.
One Year Old Aadya,enjoying her party

And if I thought that I was going to be take care of her,I was proved wrong.She started taking care of me,at one month’s age.One day,at dawn, a sleep deprived me,sat rocking her and I don’t know when I dozed off.Little while later,I heard a soft thud and woke up immediately and saw Aadya on the floor..she must have slipped out of my arms.DH woke up too and immediately took her away from me.How could I have dropped her.He was so upset,I was so miserable..What kind of a mother,just dozes off while her child slips out of her arms and falls down.I kept apologising to Aadya and to DH.DH didn’t want to listen..but Aadya, just wanted to be with mommy.. cuddling up and smiling at me..as if telling me all was well and forgiven. This is the first time I have ever spoken of this..otherwise it was just a secret DH and I shared.
Having Aadya has made me feel like a super-human..I feel like I can do everything,I am emotionally stronger,since giving birth to her. Every time I look at her,I feel so blessed.
She has started saying her name now..”Aadya-Aadya” she says,pointing at the thing that she wants.”Aadya-Aadya”,she says, raising her arms up,meaning pick up Aadya!Suddenly,the name that we love so much has become sweeter.She is getting quicker on her feet and every time I turn,I seem to bump into her.
The soft thumps of little feet,sweet cries of Aadya-Aadya,anguished babble,wet sloppy kisses,a hug every few minutes…these were just the things missing in my world..The only things that make it perfect.
Sometimes,I just sit back and look at Aadya and DH,pretend talking on the toy phone,working on their own laptops(My sis gave her a baby laptop,for her birthday) and I feel like I am the luckiest woman on earth. And then,I rush in to join them,only to be greeted with smiles,one toothy,one warm,and I am engulfed in a big hug,while the tiny one cuddles up closer squirming and squishing till she is right in the middle-right where she belongs.

This one year,with Aadya has been a total bliss..and sometimes,I wonder that if there is a second baby,will I be able to love her/him with the same intensity..I don’t know.. She is the best thing that ever happened to us..
Love you baby girl..Thanks for coming into our life and brightening it up a million times more.You are our love,our life..And on your 1st birthday,I just want you to know,that you mean the world to me and your papa.. You make us proud.I hope you get all the best things in life always.I know,you will be one good gal,strong and resilient…The best thing that I like about you is how you never give up,you try and keep trying till you don’t get it right..be it sucking water from a straw or holding the filled spoon and taking it to your mouth. We are just so proud of you..Love you darling and Happy Birthday!

Edited to Add- I have been writing this post in parts,so may be there is no continuity.but,its just all the thoughts swimming in my head 🙂

15 thoughts on “One year old

  1. ooh what a beaut!im 9 months ur junior, hope ur not very age-minded.after all its all in the mind, and i dont even have that as of nowand aadya is such a nice name.we should meet up for a bottle of formula some day!have fun hotty!and a happy belated birthday


  2. What a beautiful post Trishna! I think children do make super-women out of mothers just like you said. And don’t beat yourself up over the lil accident. These things happen. Chip fell down from the changing table once, once fomr the swing.. happens.Happy birthday dearest Aadya. May you hav a terrific year ahead!


  3. such a sweet, heart felt post! and you’re right, in the 1year pic of her, she looks suddenly grown up! as if she knows she’s one now! happy belated bday, cutie Aadya!


  4. Came to read the birthbash post only..Belated happy birthday sweet heart..How nice of her forgetting you in the falling episode..She is looking so cute in the photo…Indeed she is Your SUNSHINE…AM


  5. Don’t worry so much abt the falling episode. And Trish..this was a very heartfelt post….very moving one…now, go pack a bag for Aadya, and put her on the next flight here…I’ll keep her here with us for a bit…u are invited too..go..pack a bag!! Right now!


  6. Happy Birthday Aadya !Such a lovely heart felt post Trishna. I liked how you mentioned ‘ …a part of me. The most perfect part of me’. She is looking so adorable in that pic – lots of hugs and kisses to her.


  7. Shakti- Thank you :)Asha- more party pics,coming up soon,girlie :)emaan-Welcome..and you are a cutie yourself..and yeah its in vogue to date younger men,these days!!hahaha..keep coming back! And thanx for the compliments on my name!Rayshma-Thanx sweetie,we are feeling better.:) Dottie- Thanx for just saying that..And don’t beat yourself up over the lil accident thanx for the wishes.Kodi’s mom-See I told you,I blinked and my baby grew up!Thanx for the wishes.AM-Birthday bash post is in drafts..I am going to work on it,as soon as I get done here.She is indeed my Sunshine!!Shobana- you are soo sweet!! Hopefully,someday,soon.Collection of Stars-Welcome.Thanx for the compliments on her name :)2b’s mommy-welcome back!! Thanx for the wishes ..lotsa love and kisses,right back at you!


  8. Happy birthday!! She is a beautiful, healthy baby, and I cannot pass by without adding my own personal anti-jinx phrase here, which is “mashallah”! May your little ray of sunshine be blessed and healthy, always.


  9. Er, Trishna, just came back to add – about the little ‘secret’ – I think most parents have some little secret about being clumsy/dropping the baby. We have ours too. If you ask around, you might find more parents than you realized have those kinds of secrets.Babies are hardy little things ;). Or maybe Mama was right in that they have 4 guardian angels to protect them at all times, as opposed to 2 for adults.


  10. Aww… I missed her birthday. Better late than not. Wishing the little cutie a very happy belated birthday. Years and years of happiness and fun filled days ahead. Such a sweet post, Trish.


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