All Things Nice

Finally we have a venue and I love it.Its a chic Indian bistro,recently remodelled..and they have a separate party room,opening onto the patio. And the cake has been tasted and ordered too..from a different bakery altogether! So,I am not too worried anymore.The only thing is,I find myself getting extremely emotional as the birthday approaches..My baby girl is not going to be a baby anymore 🙂 She is already showing streaks of independence.She doesn’t want to be carried,as soon as we step out the main door.She just wants to walk around and explore..Funny though,how she insists on being picked up as soon as I start cooking or pick up the phone. But,anyway..I am going through these weird ups and downs..getting mad at DH too.. “how can you not feel anything?” But this post is all about nice things.So…
Speaking of nice things,my sister got her tourist Visa approved and she would be visiting us soon. The first time she applied for the visa,it got rejected and they asked her not to apply for another year or two…The reasons being-She was single and didn’t have much of a job experience,what if she decided to get married and never return!This time however,it was a piece of cake!And she got a 10 year visa!So yayyy!
As thrilled as I am about my sister’s visa and her visit..what prompted me to write this post were friends-not one but three.
One I have known for the last 10 years,the other for almost a year and a half and the third, for a couple months.Let me tell you about the last(but in no way least) one. A lot of you know her-she is none other than our own Upsi. I first spoke to her a few months back,just before I was leaving for my India trip..BEing true aquarians,we hit it off immediately..talking 10 things at a time,and since then,we have chatted on and off,making plans to meet..but it never happened. So,when we started planning Aadya’s birthday party,I decided that this would be a good chance to meet. And I called her up and she agreed to come..Seeing how stressed I was about the venue,she offered to see if the clubhouse in her community was available for the party.And when that wasn’t available,this sweet sweet soul offered to open up her own home for the party.And how can I forget,she even got Mr.Upsi,busy,looking for a party hall. I mean who does that. Upsi,sweetheart,I am not writing all this to embarass you..Just wanted to let you know,that your gestures really touched us. I am so happy to have come across you through blogosphere and now looking forward to meeting you in person.
The other friend I mentioned about is,my friend P.I met P through a pregnancy website,and we have stayed in touch,ever since. Her baby was born around 3 weeks after Aadya,but she has been a great support to me,through those months,when the hormones were raging all over the place or even now,when my emotions are running high. Her little boy,just turned 11 months,today. Its like she is my own personal support system. And all this without even meeting each other. Another bonding factor is our babies..they seem to related to each other in some karmic way.. Though,it sounds eerie,but almost every time that Aadya hasn’t been feeling well,baby A hasn’t been feeling well either.They have been reaching milestones around the same time too..Funny,Aadya has started saying Baby A’s name and everytime ,I say his name,she put her hand to her ear and says Hi! Hope to see you soon sweetie..
And lastly,my friend Vidya..God!!its been so long that we have known each other.The first time,we saw each other was on my first day at college. Mine was a late admission and by the time,I finished all the formalities,I just about managed to reach my classroom in time.And the classroom was full..First years are always very attentive,cutting classes starts later! And then,I saw this one empty seat,I hopped up the stairs and settled down there.This was a quiet,shy girl..At least that’s what I thought then.. now,I know,she is not shy.. nor is she quiet.She is one of the most confident women,I know. She is flying down tomorrow to attend little Aadya’s first birthday. And I can’t wait to see her. I remember in our final year of college,we were both in separate classes,because we chose different majors.So,we never got a chance to talk to each other through out the day..with lectures and practicals and all the other things that needed to be done.So,we started taking the earlier local train and would get off at the earlier stop and sit on a bench at the local train station and talk! Some days we were so engrossed in our talks,that we even missed those early morning lectures!I am smiling just thinking about those days. She flew in for my baby-shower, and now for Aadya’s birthday..She has been there always..whenever I needed her! Always…she is one of those people who can hear my voice and tell my mood. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow!
And the last nice thing…DH has been working crazy hours again..and almost everyday,he is late..and I am upset.I am emotional about Aadya turning 1..but I am also worried about DH’s health.I dont want the scary episode to be repeated. Anyway..today I offered truce and he accepted.And then,came back late again..too much work! So,I showed him my anger..one way or the other..and sulked. He took me shopping and drove 2 extra miles,just to get to Starbucks-Just so I could buy my favorite Frappuchino-“to cool me down”! Need I say,I am not sulking anymore!
He’s a nice guy who just loves to irritate me. Ohh and now,Aadya is sleeping,so may be I should stop typing and go cuddle up with him on the couch..Ta!

13 thoughts on “All Things Nice

  1. You sound so happy :).. That’s good. Just don’t let any tensions spoil the big day. Have a blast!So happy for your sis. You will have a great time together.


  2. aww, this was just such a happy post. i’m glad everything worked out with the party planning. praying for your hubby, that he stays fit and fine, always!another 2 days for the big day! i won’t be here so here’s wishing the darling birthday baby a wonderful day, and a brillaint year ahead. and you, trish, a lifetime of beautiful moments with your darling daughter!lots of hugs and kisses to the little one!


  3. Great ..so all set 🙂 Wish you all the best. I read the scary episode just today. Was not reading your blog then. I was indeed scary. Hope he is just fine now. Take Care


  4. me wannaaa be there… :'(anyway, u gurls have a blast! we shall catch up soon! and yes, that upsi is a prize catch where frenz go, eh?! :0) did u know, she offered me protection from the mallus when i’d gone to dubai.. what wud i do without her! 🙂


  5. heyy..u too have been a big support through out..Thanks a lot for it..If i dont talk to u i feel something is missing:) I sure hope to meet u soon..As for our little ones, Aadya is always there to save Ayush..hehehehe..


  6. Asha-Thank you 🙂 I am looking for to the party and my sister’s visit too!AM-Yes,the birthday bash post will be up soon.Timepass-Thanx for the wishes :)will feed her some extra cake for u!Mona-Aww thanxx sweetie..Pretty soon it will be lil Hana turning 1.Thanx for the wishes and hugs to u!Swati-yes he is fine now,taking his medications..though,he cheats on the food sometimes..but overall,things are fine..touchwood.Rayshma- I wish u were there too..will miss you!! yes.. upsi is really sweet 🙂 i am looking forward to this meeting!Pooja-Thanx babes..LOL about Aadya n Ayush!muaaah!


  7. Hey, i got your mail. Thanks for finding me :):) Haven’t been very active on the blog front. Just busy with work. Aadya is almost a year old, My God. Time flies!!!! Party preparations in full swing huh?? Will come back here for tips 🙂 for my little one.


  8. Happy Birthday little princess Aadya! Hope you guys had a wonderful time. Wishing Aadya health & happiness years to comelove, hugs & kissesAnitha aunty & Nikhil


  9. Such a nice post! And wishing the adorable Aadya a wonderful first birthday! Lots of love and hugs..and God bless! 🙂


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