Happy Birthday, Darling!

[24th feb 2011]I just found this in my drafts..n had to post it..

March 30th,2008

Dear Aadya,

Baby you are turning one today.Last year,on this date,we were blessed with this miracle, that is you.We decided to call you, Aadya..Our baby girl,Our first born..we kept looking at you,kept touching you again and again..just to make sure you were real!And the fact that we made you,that you were inside me..that just made the whole experience surreal.

This last whole month,I kept remembering our first month with you. I kept remembering your different cries..and your different expressions-the way you raised that one eyebrow,or the way you pout,how we picked you up so gently..how we watched you sleep.I also found myself thinking,that it always seemed like the most natural thing to do.

I had a very emotional month,it was like,I watched my baby suddenly turn from a dependant newborn to a fiercely independant toddler-from a baby,who loved to burrow herself deep in my arms,to one,who kicked and almost jumped out of my arms to walk herself.Though,I want you to be less clingy,it hurt,when you waved me bye-bye ,ready to go for a walk with someone else. My baby girl is growing up..:)

I remember I first got to hold you after three hours of you being born and I just didnt want to let go of you.That instant I was hooked.. my life changed forever and I couldn’t remember what life was before you came along.

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