Randomly talking

You know its time to turn off the idiot box when you baby crawls upto the TV console,pulls herself to a standing position and starts yelling at the actors on screen. Why? They are screaming,fighting. We get yelled at by Aadya,if we are arguing and our voices get loud. She looks at me when I am yelling,and calls sharply-Aye..If DH is yelling,she looks at him,and yells at him.But if she is doing the same to those uncles and aunties on TV then may be she thinks they live here too..Now,if only I can find the darned remote!
Aadya has been talking randomly. Baby babbles through out the day..gaga..baba mamma papa..nanna.namnam..etc. But it does warm a mom’s heart when she is rocking her baby to sleep and the baby finally settles down in her arms and the last words she says before falling asleep are..Papa..hmmmmm..Mamma! Mamma hugs her tight,waking her up instantly..back to rocking again.
Whenever anyone says Hii Aadya or Hello Aadya,she puts her hand to her ear and says hi..she is often seen walking around with one hand on her ear,talking gibberish,repeatedly babbling in the exact same tone as Mamma..I am sure,by now you know how much time I spend on the phone.Time to hang up ??
This post was in the drafts for a long time..time to hit the publish button now.

4 thoughts on “Randomly talking

  1. cute ๐Ÿ™‚ and K does the exact same thing when the husband and I are having an argument or even an excited discussion. like you, I think thats some sort of signal that we better stop and be more civil to each other!


  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thats cute – her gibberish talk on the pretend phone! It really is amazing how they react to emotions and arguments.


  3. Do all kids do this or what? I thought it was a way of seeking attention. But doing it to characters on the TV?? Too much ๐Ÿ™‚


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