The tag of EIGHT

Kiran had tagged me once upon a time to do this tag..And today,I want to blog but can’t think of anything interesting,I decided to try and complete this .

8 Things I am passionate about
My family-My precious Baby,Aadya,my darling Husband,my parents and my sister!

Reading.I love reading and that is something I can always find time for.At any given time,I am reading at least 1 book,mostly fiction.

Clothes-I never get tired of shopping and I find it so hard to get rid of my old clothes.Clothes and Accessories.

Honesty- If there is something that irks me,its dishonest people.And there is just no way,I can stop myself from not liking them.

Lying-I do not lie..the rare times when I may have lied is to help someone.. and I have felt so guilty about the lying.I still feel guilty about it sometimes..No regrets about helping..but just a great discomfort about lying. And so,obviously,I cannot tolerate lies,coming from someone else.

Friends-I will do anything for a friend,I am even ready to ignore their faults and short-comings..Once a friend,always a friend.

Kids- Kids of all shapes and sizes have a way of reaching inside and grabbing my heart!I am just crazy about kids,I laugh with them,I cry with them,cry for them..seeing them hurt or abused makes my blood boil.May be that’s why,I was the happiest when I was teaching elementary school!Heck,I was passionate about kids,even when I was a little girl myself..watching over the younger ones,carrying them around,spoon-feeding them..:)

God-Need I say more?

8 Things I want to do before I die

Write a book..I have always wanted to write one..just some light reading.
Spend a month in Mauritius ,just relaxing,enjoying the water.. not worrying about anything else.
Learn to dance-I have two left feet..and always feel conscious when dancing in a group..But I enjoy dancing and would love to be able to stun everyone,with my performance on the dance floor!
Lose all this extra weight and have a great to-die for figure!
Umm this is all I can think of now!

8 Things I say often
Heyyy!Hii! hows you?
Yeah Right!
What the hell!
Uh-huh..ohh ho
Aadya!stop it right NOWWWWWWWWWWW!
Alle mera bachcha( Oh my baby)
What did you just say???
Ohh Plllllllllleaseeeeeeee! or ohh Puh-lease!
Ohh I gotta go..Aadya is crying/awake..

8 Books I’ve read recently

The Kite Runner- Khaled Hossaini
False Impressions-Jeffery Archer
Say When-Elizabeth Berg
Homecoming-Belva Plain
Sisters-Daniell Steel
Not without my daughter-Betty MAhmoody..

And I can’t remember any more..A couple of romance novels!

8 songs I could listen to over and over

Itni shakti hamein dena daata-Ankush
Naam Adaa likhna-In fact,I loved the song so much,that Aadya was almost named Adaa.. we still call her Adaa,sometimes.
Last christmas-George Michael
Khwaja mere Khwaja-Jodha Akbar
O mere dil ke chaiin
Naam Gum jayega
Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam

8 Things that attract me to my best friends

1.I can be myself with them,I can just relax and not worry about anyone judging me,while I am with them.
2.They have been with at all times in life..especially more during tough times.I know I can pick up the phone,no matter what the time and tell them,I am happy or sad or need them.
3.Each one has something special to teach me..be it confidence,calmness,putting across your point without yelling,determination.Love you guys for enriching my life and making me a better person.
4.I have met all of them at different phases of life and they have been just “what-I-need(ed) at the time. They have laughed with me,wiped my tears,held my hand..given me the much needed push,when I felt I cannot go any further.And they continue to do so ,even now!
5.They totally understand me..sometimes,even before I say what’s on my mind and make me feel just perfect.
6.When I want to do something crazy,I know who to turn to..And at the same time,I also know,who will help me sober up,if need be.
7.I know,I can share a secret and it will be safe forever..
8.And last but not the least,honesty-they are brutally honest with me..as I am with them.But I still have a bit of tact..I try to make them feel nice.. but no luck here.. a certain someone,just asks me grow up and stop crying 🙂 but love her anyways!

And now to tag-
I think almost everyone has already completed this tag..the only people I don’t remember reading are-Shakti,Shobana

One thought on “The tag of EIGHT

  1. learn dancing and lose weight can be combined, say wot? ;)i shall let u know by 2mrw latest… pucca!!! Vs been working on some submission… have hardly spoken to him this week! 😦 but today, pucca!! bcoz i wanna bully him into coming! 😀


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