Pre-birthday stress

Someone’s birthday is almost here and guess who is turning into a stress-monkey!!Mamma dearest!
There I said it! I am so stressed out about Aadya’s birthday.. and no it has nothing to do with her turning ONE! Its all about the party! I am the kind of person,who starts planning,way in advance.I am the kind of person,who likes to not run around at the last minute.I am big on planning and like to plan everything long before the actual day.So,with barely 10 days left for Aadya’s birthday,and the fact that we don’t have a venue yet..it is enough to rattle my nerves and give me sleepless nights.
I have a vague idea what Kind of cake I want..and have been surfing the net looking for pictures,to take to my baker. This weekend I spent so much time looking at cakes,that everytime I closed my eyes,I saw cakes of all shapes,sizes and colors floating in front of me! I have a rough design and need to make the final sketch! Ohh! I know there will be so many final sketches! Till I don’t finally hand over the design to my cake-lady its going to keep getting final touches.
Now,the cake-lady..There are 3 that I like.One is someone who comes highly recommended by a friend.But here’s the thing,when we tasted her pastries,I thought they were a little dry.DH is ready to go and place the order with her,just because she comes highly recommended!
The second place,I absolutelyyyyyyyy loveeeeeeee! I spotted this bakery when I first moved to the place,6 months back and instantly decided that this is where we are going to order Aadya’s cake from! This person is also highly appreciated in the newspaper and I love her creations,too! And she is a little expensive,compared to the first one.
The third,is again someone,who has been tried and tasted by a couple friends..and they swear by her cakes.. “They are the tastiest cakes ever!!” but I don’t like the finishing of her designs!So,there I am stuck..but may be I will choose between the first two.
Now,for the venue,we decided to do it at a park,since its spring and the parks are perfect for an outdoor party.But,the two parks,which we can reserve,are not really in the best of localities..so,there,DH put his foot down and I wasn’t too pleased either. Pool side was my next best bet..but with Aadya walking around and almost running,I am not too keen on it. She loves the water and keep her away from it,is going to be a tough job,involving tantrums and meltdowns,both hers and mine-Mine after the party!So,outdoor party is out! Now,I am looking for rooms-party rooms or banquet rooms..and today was the most frustating day..Everywhere I called,I just got the voice mail..now,I am waiting and hoping they get back to me,with some good news!We checked with a couple friends about club-houses at their apartment complexes and that didn’t work out either.
I haven’t been able to complete my invitations,because we still don’t have a venue! And That brings us to the next vital element of this party,the food.There is going to be catering involved.But now,this time,there are so many places that we like,that we are not able to decide!! I want to get everything finalised this week,so that,I am more relaxed next week.
And then Aadya’s birthday outfit,return gifts,party decorations…So much do,so little time. Almost every evening,DH comes home,to be greeted by my tensed face.. oh you are late,today also..we had to go to so and so place!
The only thing that I am sure of is the theme,that I want running in the party.:) But that I will reveal , a little later 🙂 -may be when I post the party details!
I want this party to be perfect so badly, I am about to lose my mind..I just hope,it turns out atleast half-way decent.

8 thoughts on “Pre-birthday stress

  1. Awwwwww….its so momentous isnt it, the first birthday. You have fun organising it, and dont stress, it will all fall into place. We had a horrible first bday, somehow no one turned up, except for family. And I was left with a kitchen full of food. Thankfully subsequent birthdays have been overrun with children and people….Post pics.


  2. u ARE getting worked up, sweetie! chill… it’s going to be perfect… don’t u worry! 🙂 umm… as for the cake… just try them out and go with what tastes best… 😀 lemme know if i can help in any way… ok?


  3. Trish, take it easy there. Dont you stress out. It will all work out and you are not running out of time.I feel bad for screwing up that one clubhouse which you could have got and would have loved. Oh well.Let me call you now.


  4. Kiran- Ohh really! I mean kitchen full of food!GRRR..why can’t people turn up,if they say yes!Pooja-Your first comment here!!I am so excited!Timepass,swati-Thanx :)Rayshma-Thanx,I am ok now..will call u if it gets too stressful..to crib LOL!I hope u guys are still coming!Upsi-You are a sweetheart,you know that right? And please stop feeling bad! You are really really sweet.. and I am glad to know u…looking forward to meeting u now!


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