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Waking up…..

….Is so much fun when you have a little monkey chattering away to herself,jumping on your bed.That’s how we wake up every morning these days.

Aadya wakes up and keeps playing by herself,talking to herself, non-stop.Then she realises we are still sleeping and starts bouncing on the bed, hugging her dad and then me. Slowly open one eye and she is so happy,she falls on me and hugs me.Sometimes even brushing my hair gently off my face!If her dad has his back towards her,she climbs up on him,and peeks at his face,over his shoulders,gently patting his face till he doesnt wake up.One by one,we wake and say “Good morning” to her and she is so happy to have achieved what she wanted.


Every morning Papa is Aadya’s most favorite person.The moment he comes out the bedroom dressed in his office formals,Aadya starts getting restless and demands to be picked up..by her Papa. If I am feeding her breakfast,she refuses to open her mouth,just keeps looking for her dad,till he doesn’t come and sit in front of her.She continues clinging to him till he doesnt say bye-bye at the door,which she waves till he doesnt disappear from her line of sight.

DH kisses her goodbye and she air-kisses him .Then he kisses me good-bye and she watches this with so much interest..blowing kisses in the air .Our exchanged kisses are followed by smacking sounds made by little missy!

I was putting Aadya to sleep and DH was doing some work. A little while later,I heard loud voices-some strange men were talking.It felt like they were in my own living room. But then,I remembered,the walls here are so thin..may be its the neighbours.The voices kept getting louder and more agressive.Now,I was sure,something was wrong.May be the neighbours were having a dispute..or were there Cops next door?I HATE this apartment complex. Absolutely hate it. And having recently read Bad Bad reviews, my super-active imagination took over and I was sure it was cops.May be it was a drug-deal gone bad..Oh if only,Aadya would sleep,then I could sneak out and eavesdrop by the door. Anyway,Aadya decided it was not cool to sleep with so much happenning and started crying and screaming.Oh No! Not a good idea to attract attention.I ran to the den to alert DH and what do I see?

DH was on a conference call and the speaker phone is ON! And all those strange men were actually talking in MY OWN apartment! …. Now I am going to hide my face under a pillow and sleep till …humpfff till I am old and grey!


4 thoughts on “Waking up…..

  1. its fun to see kids grow up…everything they do is amazing. my son also brightens my weekends by waking up up with his kisses…if he cant find my face he gets my legs.


  2. LOL on the last one :)Here, Dlittle does the same with her papa. Not the eating part, but when she wakes up, she keeps looking at the door expecting him to come pick her up 🙂


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