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Hello from the other side

YAyyyyy we are in India. DH had some official work and we tagged was a very last minute plan,I hardly got a week to shop and pack.. but finally we are here. We arrived on Dec 28th and after spending the first half of the vacation at ILs place, we are finally at my dad’s. DH is working in Bangalore but we are getting spoilt rotten.
Aadya’s first plane ride was fine and thankfully, our whole journey went off smoothly. Knock on the wood..and now I hope the return journey is equally comfortable too. I was worried about her getting an ear-ache or her being fussy- she was a little bored by being confined and the bassinet was a good help when she was sleeping.But it was just right for her,then and as soon as she woke up she would sit up straight in the bassinet.She stayed up most of the journey though, cooing and babbling with co-passengers.
Our first leg of the journey ended at Frankfurt. And we were really excited to see the airport.But we were in a big disappointment. I mean,it didn’t look like an international airport at all! There were hardly any waiting lounges, people was sprawled on the floor,for lack of chairs. There were a few food carts here and there.. and a couple big restaurants and some duty-free stores. but overall the impression that I got was of chaos. everything was so disorganised.There was a nursing room.And it was nothing but a closet with a wash basin.. not even a chair.I rested my butt on the small ledge and tried to nursed Aadya.. Both of us ended up frustrated. Luckily I found a chair somewhere on the upper level and then, we nursed happily.
Soon it was time to board our next flight and the chaos that met us at the security point was crazy.. there was absolutely no queue in place and all that was there was a mob. Anyway, we arrived in Mumbai at around 1.30 am on 28th Dec.
Balancing the luggage and Aadya,we came out and were immediately engulfed in hugs and Aadya was promptly snatched away. Her Masi was the first to come and hold her.I was waiting for the familiar pout and tears to come. But instead I was pleasantly surprised when she rested her head on Masi’s shoulder and smiled. Then everyone- my masi, my cousin, all 3 of Aadya’s grandparents took turns holding her..and she happily enjoyed all the attention.My masi and Aadya’s two masi’s joked around and decided the distance for which each one would hold Aadya so as to share her time with them equally! Soon it was time to say bye to Masis and Nanu and Aani( my masi) and we got in the car with Dadu-dadi to head off to their place.
We attended a wedding, 2-3 parties, met so many people and most of the time,Aadya has been a happy camper except when she is really hungry or sleepy.
Now,we are my dad’s and I am getting my dose of pampering while Aani and Masi take care of Aadya. Today for the first since Aadya’s birth,I told my aunt- Please put Aadya to sleep,I want to chat with DH! It feels so weird being just a spectator when Aani is putting aadya to sleep or giving her a bath ..but this is what I was looking forward too na? Somehow,my arms feel empty when I am not holding Aadya..but then,it was so nice to chat with him like old days!LOL
For now,I am off to a 25th wedding anniversary party and Aadya has a bad we’ll probably make a quick exit,but its just so nice to be surrounded by loved ones.
Thanks for checking on us everyone..I wanted to post before leaving but was just too tied up!
OH and
Wish you all a very Happy New Year!


10 thoughts on “Hello from the other side

  1. arey oh aadya’s mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!kahan gayab ho gaye ho?????hey don get scared!! just kidding… so how are ur holidays?r u back??did u read my blog?? keep in touch…Regards,shakti


  2. So hows it going? I’m sure it must be tonnes of fun and you will have tonnes of pics to udpate us with. Waiting eagerly for the pics of the little princess!!


  3. Rayshma-Hey girl,I am back.. sorry havent buzzed u.. feeling abit under the weather still.2b’s mommy- sorry couldnt reply then-I was in mumbai for roughly 4 weeks. how are you doing?Asha- how are u?Hope this new year with baby Kevin was lots of fun!Aryan’s mom- thank you and welcome to my space!Timepass- I rememebered you when I had vada-pava..aur toh aur aapke naam se nimbu paani bhi pi liya :PShakti- Sorry for the late reply..I am heading to ur blog right now :)ehomemaker- cool name 🙂 and welcome.. and hugs to you:) I am missing my folks again too :)Nm-Hey girlie! Yes the trip was fun and pics will follow soon! real soon!


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