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4 years and counting..

December 20th 2007

It’s our 4th wedding anniversary today and if I look back I can say all in all we have had 4 very enjoyable years- with a fair share of ups and downs. While we have had our bickering..almost every day,we made up almost every single time before going to bed.

Last year this time, we were waiting for our baby’s arrival and today celebrating our anniversary with her, just was a special experience. Yesterday I took Aadya to the mall and we picked up some greeting cards and a gift for DH. I am big on cards with “just right” words and luckily for me every year I manage to find just the right greeting. This year I found two such..Before I write those words,I have to tell you this- Since the last few days there have been major fights in our household. For no apparent reason,one of us would blow our top and then keep fuming. So much that we didn’t even feel inclined to make up! And I was in no mood to celebrate the anniversary. Anyway,so we fought on the weekend,then patched up..then again on Monday and I refused to talk. The sweet guy that he is,came home early and took me to the mall. I was being a super B**** and refused to walk with him! he still walked along side by side..Sometime later..I dunno when or how,I found myself reaching for his hand and we came home happy.

sometime later I remembered that I was angry and reminded him half-heartedly and he very sportingly told me he knew I was still upset! Upset! My foot! I don’t even remember now, why we were fighting ..This is what happened last year and neither one of us remembers the reason for that fight too!Are you beginning to see a pattern here?I mean other than the fact that I am the mean one? That we fight..but the important thing is we remember how we made up! And I think that’s what makes him so special..that’s what makes us work! *Knock on the wood*

Here are the words from my “just perfect”card-

We just knew

We knew

what we wanted
and it was more
than just each other
it was a way
of being together.

We decided to take the best

of what our parents gave us
and leave the worst behind.

We listened to what our friends

had to say,but let a lot of it slide

And we vowed,among other things,

never to take each other for granted,
because we knew love like this
doesn’t come to everyone….

And we knew that if we just

remembered how lucky we are
to have each other,everything else
would work out all right.

And it has.

It has,hasn’t it?

Here’s hoping we have many more happy years together .
And while I was still at Hallmark’s,I came across the cutest card ever and I just had to pick it up.It reads-

Mom and dad,

Hope your anniversary is as happy as can be!

And thanks,’cause if it weren’t for you..

there wouldn’t be a ME!

And the back cover reads- Am I thoughtful or what?!!

We went out for a lovely dinner at a kid-friendly Mediterranean grill called Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill. Oh well, candle light dinners are out..Anyone offering their baby-sitting services?
Normally,I would spend my anniversary day,pampering myself-you know home facial and painting nails..and the likes,this year just changed diapers. but, here’s the big deal-
DH got me an 8 GB Apple iPod nano !Thanks Honey!
I am glad I married you- iPod or not!
All in all a great day!! Oh! and thanks for all the wishes everyone.
Edited to add- This post was started yesterday and it was going to be really mushy.Then,Aadya woke up and I got side-tracked and lost my chain of thoughts,so for now this will be it.


10 thoughts on “4 years and counting..

  1. Belated happy fourth aniversary. Visiting here for the first time…Nice blog. Will read the archives to know more…Aryan’s Mom


  2. so sorrriiieeee…. me missed another date! damn my memory!! anywez… good to know u had fun! now have a wunderful trip… get pampered… and buzz when back! 🙂 muah!


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