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Peek through her Treasures

Babushka’s favorite activity is packing bags.She is obsessed with bags- be it airlines bag or shoe bag or her various school bags or even gift bags! At any given time,she has atleast one packed bag with her.Every morning after she finishes breakfast,she picks one bag and that stays with her all day long. And so,we have atleast 4-5 bags,that we have strict instructions about not touching.Today,while she was in school,I was cleaning and while picking up her things,I decided to peek through the bags.And this is what I found:

A few books,my birthday cards and waxing strips that she charmed my parlour lady in to giving her. Thank God! they are clean!

This one had : her hairband,the PS3 controls,a CD and a Rs.10 note..(she calls it paanch rupiye- Rs.5)

And most of other bags were filled with clothes- no wonder,I cannot find her clothes,when I need them..and I keep wondering,where they disappear!

There was one bag filled with crepe paper and brown bags-She wanted to do some crafting!!

Needless to say,when she came back from school,the first thing she asked for was-“What did you do to my bags??”