My Sunshine,the blog, turns 7!

This Friday,it will be 7 years to the day I created the blog,My Sunshine..many urls and name changes later,My Sunshine is still here!

I don’t know remember if I ever wrote about why I picked the name My Sunshine for the blog. So,I will tell you today..:)
Many many moons ago,I think I must’ve been 12-13 yos,when I read a story in Reader’s digest-it was a mother’s account of going into early labour and the story of her premie,who was such a fighter.After she stopped fighting,the parents still stayed so strong.They picked the song “You are my Sunshine” for the funeral and since then everytime I hear this song,I think of them and remember how brave they all were.
When I started this blog..I was on bed-rest,waiting for bubs,Ms.Aadya to be born and the first name that came to my mind was..My Sunshine and it has stuck!
And now..its time for me to say Thank you to you for reading and commenting and lurking..doing whatever you have to support me through these 7 years. I have found some of my best friends through this space and I have come here on my darkest days and poured my heart out..thank you for being there for me..and Thank you for showering my sunshines,my girls with so much love.
As always,I’ll leave you with my first post..for that is where it all started 🙂
Lots of Love n then some,

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Five years and Counting

“But,we just walked around the havan,thrice.Are you sure its the real thing?”she said.
Of course,its the real thing..who cares if its three or seven.I wanted to marry you and I did..that’s all that matters”..he replied.And I think he was right.
Life as we knew it changed.We were two happy kids,so in love.After 3 years of crazy courtship and uncertainty,we were finally,a married couple and it really didn’t matter,if we took 3 rounds or seven.
These five years have taken us through 7 cities,half across the globe,so much so,we have celebrated every anniversary in a different city.These five years have taken us from a young couple madly in love to expectant parents to now,parents of a toddler.
We have grown as people,we have grown as a couple…and somehow its better this way.
We spent the day,doing,just regular stuff but,somehow,it felt special.We went out to dinner the previous night and then,brunch on Saturday,followed by some shopping.This year there were no surprise gifts.In fact,I didn’t even have a card for Sanj.He gave me two..both addressed as
To T from S.I bullied him into writing love from. All he did was drew some hearts.When I told him why I was sulking,he says..oh Love is there..why should I write?
Yeah whatever…
Five years down the line,we are still hanging in there..through fights and and frets,hugs and kisses…the one thing that makes everything alright is the love.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.