September 2nd,2022

Friday night, work done for the week- now on mum duty. This is me waiting to pick up MsA from the shopping centre.

I am starting to realise that most of my Friday nights are about hanging out on the couch and/or picking and dropping the kids . Very exciting! Not! I guess that’s what getting older is about.

I was talking to a friend the other day and I mentioned ‘getting older’ and she corrected me ‘ageing’ – I flat out refused! No I am not in denial, but I am realistic. Age is just a number and we are as old as our mind is.

Mentally I am still 16, although physically my body says otherwise. But hey! It’s all in your mind, right? My mind does question me as I start to plan MsA’s 16th birthday in my head. Ok- that I am half in denial of! How is she turning 16 in a few months? It’s absolutely crazy!

In other news, it’s Father’s Day weekend here in Australia and we are planning to try a new burger place that serves Indian style burgers. So, that sounds promising.

What are your weekend plans? Do share if you are reading.

Love, T


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